EMC Update and More.

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Been a while, and i have been very inactive, so i deiced to make a small update.

    First of all on emc, I have been working on a few of my smaller reses. I built 12007 and plan to do a few more tree's and then the inside, and underground, then I will open that res. It is designed to be a SMP6 TP Res to all the Malls, Shops, Game Reses, and Build Reses.

    Then, 12731 and 12845 are done about ground, and I have been doing small updates, although underground I have been building my main Potion, Storage and more, and even a shop to sell stuff for my builds. Although I have stock at 12845, i will not much longer as I have no time to go to the base to get stock right now, and as for 12731, there is a bug in pvp preventing me from getting my alt heads, so need to wait for that to be fixed.

    Then, there is my 4 res, mall, I was not happy with the design inside, so I have put that on hold, and I plan to rebuild the inside and hope to get that done soon. So that build is off the list for now.

    now for my 8 res Project, I have been working on it when I have more time, but only when I have lots of spare time due to the size. but running low on supplies. no ETA or any other information on that build as of now. More in the future.

    Now for the Museum, I have Computrix designing as I don't have time, he designed 1/3 of it but got busy, so no eta on that for now again, lol. Hope to have more information on that soon.

    Now, for life update. I have been busy with so many things its not even funny.

    To start, I just reached my mid term area of my semester and I still have a heavy load, no time to play most of the week. I do have 97% in one class and 100% in another, so I am happy with that.

    Then there is the house work, i have so much house work its not even funny.... I do the dishes every day, clean the house every day, make dinner every day, and do so much more.

    And then there are the real life side projects, I have one, that is sucking back a ton of my time, and I will release more information on that when I have more time. But for now, I want to keep it under the table.

    Then there is also the Movies and TV Shows.... I watch a lot, and when a new Movie or Show comes out, I watch it, as I like them.

    Now for the final, I am also on HRT still, missed a few days due to a stupid flu and a insurance problem, as i had to renew the info, but the person would not process the information..... anyway, on very low doeses, but starting to see little results, mainly on my face, and some else where.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

    If you want to talk, feel free to do so in-game or even add me on Skype @ Google_Support (Always Online)

    Thats all the updates I can think for now,

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