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  1. Final name change - who want school when you can have University.


    Above post has the general idea...

    I have obtained another res on SMP1 for testing of projects for the college...

    need stuff like obsidian generators, mob catchers etc.... all projects need to be well thought out and contained in 'a room' - more details when needed....

    If you are interested in showcasing something - make a reply to post here and I'll get the etails to you..

    Let's make the group on EMC even better - and perhaps give the mods a place to send ppl with 'silly questions'

  2. im good with redstone so u can tell me something to do
  3. Well the idea is something not here yet - which is easy :) but its a group concept - so pick an easy one or hard one.. Stop by smp1 and i'll get you some build rights on Testing grounds.
  4. I could do some basic and advanced farming techniques.
  5. ok zander you are the 4H guy... if you get time can you 'demo a build at 906 - i've given perms...

    Just remember if will have to be enclosed in a room when we bring it over to lot 103
  6. I can make an obsidian generator
  7. Ok skilled same as above 906 testing grounds and sweet
  8. I can make a



    Obidian-gen (I wont make this one. since skilled_creeper reply before me of making this. :) )

    logic-gate (AND gate OR gate and other gates too. I can create microchip. Not really micro-scale on minecraft though :D)



    traps (minefield and others)

    mobs spawner. (wont work in town though. Like the OoO)

    spawner-farming. (require pre-existed spawner block.)

    auto cactus farm.

    semi-auto wheat/sugarcane/melon/pumpkin farm (semi-auto because u have to do something urself. like click a button/pull lever/tilt the dirt)

    easy enderman farm (actually a bunker in the END where u can kite enderman easily. it look like a fox hole. And u provoke those enderman from there)

    Flare-Launcher (Vertical TNT launcher that send TNT to blow up in the air. But only diamond supporter can use it. In case there are party :D)

    Example of Branch-Mining Techniques.

    Huge TNT cannon (Which I made one on my singleplayer. Named "The Big Bertha")
    Ps. Might be unusable on town though. (Unless 2 diamond supporter make a fort and wanna have a battle)
    Ps#2. This is for fun purpose. Not for PVP (You cant die in town so u can play "Battleship" there. :D lol )
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  9. Well, I think we can use a couple :)

    I like the branch mining idea... I'll set you up at testing grounds - perhaps someone will even donate a silk touch or the ores in block form - make it a bit more realistic.
  10. I can make that with iron ore. :)
  11. I could do basic wild survival.
  12. sounds good i'll setup 906 for demo