EMC Times [Issue 1]

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  1. EMC Times

    Issue 1 (12th August AEST)


    It’s been a big week for EMC as always and there’s been a lot of news. My name is joshyrocks13 and I am the brand new founder of the EMC Times, the latest and greatest newspaper of EMC, this is the first issue of EMC Times and it will serve as an introduction to what is to come.
    What I'll be covering

    I will be covering quite a few topics every one – two weeks. I will be reporting on; Empire News, Empire Events, all public member events, financial advice from myself, the biggest auctions of the week, I’m really keen on having a special interview section where I’ll tell you guys who I’ll be interviewing and you can send in questions for me to ask, I’ll also have an advertising section where you guys can advertise your new shops or services for a small price and finally I’ll have a Q&A section where you guys can send me some questions!
    A Quick Run Through Of Official EMC News

    Let’s begin! First of all let’s talk about all the Empire News of the week! I’d like to personally congratulate the newest members of the contribution team Olaf_C, ItsMeMatheus, deathconn, Ultimamaxx, wispsn, autumnrain26, SoulPunisher and DaJaKoe! If you see them around congratulate them! You can apply for contributor here: http://emc.gs/ContribApp
    Aikar has added some nice new content like the new /chat E where you can discuss all things economy, Town Chat is now globally accessible to supporters, free players can now set their bed anytime/anywhere, fixed a CraftBukkit bug, once you open your vault once you will have five free minutes of vault usage, tweaked risk gauge settings for monsters and finally fixed a bug in time format. To look at these tweaks in more detail go to:http://bit.ly/1oCPJm1
    And finally a quick mention that the Empire is currently looking for moderators, you can apply here: http://bit.ly/1r4zMwt
    Official EMC Events
    Currently the only official Empire Event happening right now is the EMC Comic Strip Contest, submissions close August 31 so get your entries in quick and remember that it must be mine craft related, it must have 3-10 panels, must follow all EMC rules, it must be original, do not use alts to submit multiple entries, it can be drawn by hand or with a computer but it must be submitted via computer and please make sure no player names are included, check out the official forum here: http://bit.ly/1uEZmpL

    Public Member Event(s)

    There are quite a few public member events so I’ll just name the most recent and biggest! Damiensmom11 is hosting a contest in which all you have to do is guess Willows birthday (her soon to be daughter) to win her head!http://bit.ly/1r4AjyK
    Samsimx is hosting a 100k giveaway, check it out here for your chance to win:http://bit.ly/1ylLfGb
    Skarecboi is hosting a birthday drop party and a grief party, let’s all wish him a happy birthday and make sure you’re there! http://bit.ly/1uF0eL4
    Financial Digest

    Financial Advice is something I’ve really been wanting to cover for a while, as some of you may know I am a promotional item trader, buyer and seller and that’s how I made a living. So I will give you all this advice, if you do plan on leaving the Empire don’t give your money away! Invest it in promos in case you come back, --they are the one thing that will increase in price over time!

    Be sure to check out the free fishing lake and enchanted book store on Claremuss' res! Head on over to SMP8 at 16029.
    Have any Mob Farms? Contact Ark_Warrior1 On Site to Sell Him Access to the Farm! 200k payout! http://bit.ly/1oClXTk
    And remember if you're interested in getting your shop advertised, send joshyrocks13 a PM.
    Auction Awe

    This next section will be all about some of the biggest (money wise or item quantity) auctions of the week. First up is the God Archer Kit posted by Dragonhalk32, it contained 1x Bow with Unbreaking III, Power V, Infinity I, Flame I and Punch II. 1x Diamond Helmet with Projectile Protection IV and Thorns III. 1x Diamond Chest Plate with Projectile Protection IV and Thorns III. 1x Diamond Leggings with Projectile Protection IV and Thorns III. 1x Diamond Boots with Projectile Protection IV and Thorns III. This auction's current bid is 5,250 rupees, I’m expecting this auction to go to about 20k. Blue Vault is auctioning a DC of Iron and the current bid is 14.5k. And the biggest auction of the week goes to southpark347 for auction a Flaming Mob Launcher, it’s current bid is 21k.

    Special Interview

    Our special interview for next weeks interview will be with Krysyy so make sure you send me some questions to ask! And remember I do allow anonymous questions to be asked!
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  2. That's Great! I love it!
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  3. Seems really cool, but...
    That sentence is really bothering me. Maybe separate it instead if having one huge run on sentence.
    The financial advice is really smart although I don't plan on leaving any time soon.
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  4. Nice job! Can't wait for the next issue :D
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  5. Looking forward to next issue. Well done :)
  6. Ya, this is awesome! Good way to catch up on stuff if you have not been living in the forums...(not that there is anything wrong with that... is there?) :D
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  7. Thanks for the support everyone!
  8. I like it! :D
  9. Great job, really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the 2nd edition.
  10. Awesome :) Can't wait to see the future of this!
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  11. You just need some splashy graphics for the header!
    A cool 'EMC Times' by Joshyrocks13 graphic!
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  12. Heh, just need the EMC logo splashed in somewhere, but that looks fab!
  13. Great idea, Josky!

    I wonder if any of my work could ever get reported.":rolleyes:
  14. Great Idea! I'll find an artist and get started on that ASAP!
    I'd be happy to advertise/report your work, just send me a private message with some information and I'll advertise/report on it! :)
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  15. What a great read!! And thankyou so much for the Ad joshyrocks13! :)

    Great Job cant wait for the next one!! :)
    ClareMuss :)
  16. Expect the next issue within the following days!
  17. Pretty cool :)
    Before opening the thread I thought it would be a rant about the use of emc time :rolleyes: