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  1. I have been planning on doing this since I started being a part of the community because I think in my opinion EMC is great and a great theatrical video should go great with it. I am planning to make this trailer with awesome builds from the community and not limited to what server your on. I want great builds, something that is awe and magnificent. Below will be the requirement for your creation to be entered in the video.

    Theatrical Video
    • The structure must have an inside and out decor.
    • Wool made characters cannot be in the video (Sorry but it has to be more epic than a character)
    • It must look furnished and clean and not cluttered with stuff everywhere (if you have a shop inside it can be accepted)
    I also plan to make a community video where everyone can be in it but there has to be something good in your lot. This is where people with wool characters can be in and there are no requirements but your residence must have something in it that looks cool.
    Below is an example of a theatrical video
    For further questions ask below. If you want to sign up for the theatrical video type this "I want to sign up for the theatrical video and my res is in smp_.empireminecraft.com, my residence number is ????." If you want to sign up for the community trailer type this "I want to sign up for the community video and my res is in smp_.empireminecraft.com, my residence number is ????."
  2. Sounds cool but find somone with res space! (gold or diamond supporter)
  3. well, someone already did this a while ago, but i suppose there is always room for more, go ahead and check the supporters plots as he said, usually there is something cool there, dont forget to look at utopia.
  4. you could use me and c0lt0nrul3z's hotel thing we built for your theatrical video. I don't know if it fits the bill but you can check i out on smp1 at res 1181.
  5. I need residence guys. I need specific residence, I already have too much stuff in my hands. Also thank you travo97 I will sure visit your res whenever I can!
  6. The more the merrier. :)

    Always excited to see new Empire Videos!
  7. Also Jeremy I have a question and this is a longshot. Can I have flying powers from creative mode BUT with admin supervision, I wanna fly over EMC and take footage of it. It's fine if you don't agree with this its just a question I wanna throw out there to make the footage easier to shoot.
  8. I wanna be on TV :D :D :D :D :D
    I have very big stone gen (half the residence size :p)
    and a bIg farm :D
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  9. I do not being apart of either videos :)
    My residences:

    Utopia ~ 5002
    Utopia ~ 5003 (being built by Eclipsys)
    Smp2 ~ 3012
    Smp4 ~ 8011

    Bare in mind that I will be tidying them up later this week, there are chests lying around from the construction phase of each :)
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  10. I'll try to capture the good parts XD
  11. Thanks man :)
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  12. You may want to take a look at an older promo video which was quite nice. It was made by TonicThunder. You can view it in this thread. :)

    Just to be curious, what recording software will you be using ?
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  13. I'd love to be in the theatrical videos.
    I have a finished lot on SMP3, lot 7471 -- with wool windows and wool carpets
    I'm working on a lot on Utopia, lot 5300 -- very far from done, but it will be huge and very intricate.
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  14. I will be using Fraps. If you have a better recording software feel free to tell me! In my opinion fraps is fairly good but not the best.
  15. I will start filming at February 4th,2012. So keep those residence coming!
  16. I want to sign up for the theatrical video and my res is in smp2.empireminecraft.com, my residence number is 3919.

    I think my troll eating a cake looks pretty nice.. *Shy*
    Remember to get the thinking bubble with the inv cake in if you chose mine. :)
  17. Since I take you'll make many short footage for later editing, Fraps is indeed preferable. Good quality and avi encoding and all that jazz.
  18. Hey , my res on utopia has nothing on it... Yet in about a week, after evlipsys is done with MR2R2Ms res he said he'll start on mine . So yer
  19. Can I be movie star?
  20. Of course you can be darling!!! Just put 10 tons of make up and we'll be good!