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  1. I would LOVE an EMC T-Shirt! Can this be a possibility? Also -- We could make the T-Shirt designs a contest in the community... thoughts? Markup of like 3 bucks a shirt to go as a donation to the server, or include a T-Shirt in Diamond supporter tier. Just ideas!!!
  2. Another contest? OMFG

    EDIT: good idea though i actually would buy one of these!
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  3. I endorse this idea.
  4. well, some people have really good graphic design skills and its a way to let them shine and also do the community a favor. =)
  5. Where is a T-shirt designer I MUST get busy!
  6. There are lots of t-shirt designers you can design online.. upload pics and add text more color you have the more expensive the shirts are :\
  7. There can be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The prices can vary based on the design. If you truly want one, it will be worth it. =)
  8. I want a tee shirt...
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  9. Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea! I would so buy an Empire shirt.
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  10. I would definetily buy one of these and we could have a contest for the design.
  11. YES! Now all we need is endorsement from Justin or Jeremy...
  12. I could design some T-shirts for the community, i would only need the approoval from EMC & Kalland Labs to use the logo :)
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  13. With regards to sizes, you should make men and women's t's. Women in large...Just sayin' LOL
  14. Little tribute from some of copherfields wallpaper work. :D

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  15. I requested permissions from ICC to make t-shirts, he said I could make them for fun as long as I dont intent to sell. It does not seem that they have any plans on monetizing EMC as they would need a copyrights license from Mojang. I am making a few shirts for a few people and I encourage you to make your own shirts, I dont think EMC will sale any any time soon.
  16. ICC said that it was ok to make shirts for fun.

    ICC :
  17. The key in "Selling" product is whether or not you plan to make money. If not making any money and it's done in limited (small) quantities there is no infringements. Shirts can be sold only at a cost of producing them and shipping them.

    BTW... does anyone think all those Minecraft YouTube'ers are paying a royalty for using the game to make money. ;)
  18. They are promoting the game so Mojang lets them get away with it, but you cannot sell anything whether you profit from it or not. You cannot even use a copyright without permission if it is not a parody. Copyrights laws in the US are strong, thanks to Disney. I would look it up before attempting anything if I were you. You would need to set up a non-profit org and get permissions to sell a copyrighted product at cost.