EMC Survival Update Picture Guide!

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  1. EMC Survival Update Picture Guide!

    All of this are picture spoilers, if you do not want to read them, please move away :D If you have any other info that is not in the OP, please PM on the forums! :)

    NETHERHOUND HOWLS: Found by Onaj and talukegord

    Mob heads found by nickjwolfe

    bemvino87 found the ZOMBIE virus! :eek:

    EnRAGED skeletons! Found by bemvino87

    Skeletons drop better bows!

    EnRAGED Zombies! Picture by: vMCjewel

    Marlix's Bow and shiny arrows! Arrows only work for the bow! Found by: MasterMockery

    Marlix Armour! (So far have a picture of the boots and chestplate!) Found by: MasterMockery and brickstrike

    Momentus! Picture by Adderwolf71

    Momentus is a boss with lots of health, with the power to make you teleport to him. Drops: Shiny Flesh and Wooden Toothpick.


    View attachment 16925

    View attachment 16926

    Found by actanonverba1994

    There is other stuff as well that has been added to the update! There is new player heads and mob heads. (it is rare to get it from mobs). To get player heads, I need to kill yourself and it has a chance to drop. Get a friend to pick it up!

    New stuff to soon be updated to OP! Please wait while I type them all! :D Use Jack's Guide as well!
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  2. Jack already made a guide... Edit, its there.
    NINJAD by the kidding ninja...
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  3. Spoiler Warning: Do NOT read thread if you do not want to be spoiled! :p
  4. Can a moderator change the thread title to, " EMC Survival Update Picture Guide "
  5. Great guide!
  6. The giant zombie Momentus (sorry if it's bad/not close enough, it was at night with mobs around me)
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  7. Updated to OP. :)
  8. I have the armor chestpiece of Marlix, I will upload the file in a sec.
  9. Updating more stuff to OP.
  10. Updated OP with the new mineshafts!!!!!
  11. You haven't added my picture to the op yet... It is the chest piece afterall :p
  12. Updated to OP.
  13. I don't get the abandoned enraged mineshafts can you explain?