EMC survival games

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EMC survival games

Yes deffinitly it wouuld be awsome 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No this dosent appeal to me at all 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Ehh idk ill think it over 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hey we should use one of the large plots of land on smp9 as a survival games hub for players it would be fun there could be tournements where you win things like dragon eggs and it could be like the real hunger games where supporters can buy thing for there favorite player also people could like bet on who they think ill win as well as mutts (mobs) and things like fire it could be cool like specific tournements with diffrent lobbys like 2 from each server and things like that
  2. This would be awesome! but im not sure exactly how it would work.
  3. We have had many survival games suggestions for EMC. :) Currently we're not really introducing PVP into EMC; however, there is a plan for a special PVP game server - sort of like hunger games, except with teams and an economy (separate from SMP's) so we'll have to wait until we can get around to that.
  4. Heard about that, is it going to be hardcore PvP? (where raiding and griefing is allowed)
  5. Personally I doubt it, BUT who knows??
  6. Hmmm. I'm just wondering, would a lava wall around spawn be feasible? It's different on SMP, it was essentially a threat to players and the economy, but in the dystopia world, it would be standard gameplay. Hardcore PvP is all about dominating others.

    I could set up a spinoff of the New Republic out there. Instead of an open village like our current temporary base, towns would be fortified obsidian strongholds under the ground, where everyone's house and public facilities would have no centre, all simply connected to each other via fortified lock-protected tunnels in no discernible pattern, just a completely decentralised mesh. The perimeters would be defended by Minecraft's greatest defence, a lava wall of almost unfathomable thickness, and one entrance, Checkpoint Charlie. An obsidian tunnel, two blocks high, one block wide in space, and leads into a maze where griefing or a wrong turn leads to a death by lava. Room to breathe, nothing more. The checkpoint may be opened and closed by a select few top individuals, and must be completely obscured by lava when closed, completely blocked by obsidian, and only opened for one hour at a time.

    The ground could eventually be completely excavated, with the obsidian stronghold reinforced with more obsidian to make it a floating black sphere. As the lava wall moves out over time, internal layers can be removed and the ground below it excavated. Eventually, we could swallow up the spawnpoint itself, and give players who want through 2 options; face a death by our bows and swords, or join us and strengthen our cause.

    The economy and social structure would be effectively a dictatorship, with a bit of a meritocracy mixed in. Players who have the most confirmed kills, have made the most money, or have coerced the most people/factions to join our cause get priority when goods and services are distributed. Members will be limited in the amount of time they can spend on doing private work on the PvP server, instead they will be encouraged to contribute to the glorious cause of the faction. As a result, all products of non-private work will go to the head office to distribute.

    My idea is so radically different to the New Republic, I don't think they can even share a name. This is legitimate on a hardcore PvP server, right?
  7. Our Dystopia worlds (hardcore SMP) on every server and our PvP game server will be separate - for now at least. I don't think that the PvP server will be hardcore, but there will be an economy - fight for what you earn, ect. - last I heard
  8. Excellent.