EMC Survival Games! Starts in 10 MINS

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  1. EMC Survival Games!

    What is it?

    sambish20 has organized very closely with AlexChance a Survival Games event. As many people as we can get on will play a round or two of a Survival Games map. Build by Team Varide. The winner will have a prize given if I can find one :p Donations for the prize fund are being accepted!

    What time is it?

    The event is taking place at 8:45 PM GMT on Friday the 25th of April 2014. For those of you in EST, it's 3:45pm :) Use this to find your time: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?pl=1&lid=2643743,5&h=2643743

    How can I attend?

    You can attend the event by joining this server at about 8:30PM GMT. Players will wait in the lobby for a while until staff from Empire Minecraft have arrived and agree for the event to start. The IP to connect is :

    Other info you need to know:

    Normal EMC rules will apply on the server. Failure to comply to any of them will result in the appropriate punishment on EMC. Please follow the rules included here : http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/rules/

    Some of you may be thinking right now... "Surely you're not allowed to advertise an IP on here?" You're wrong. I've been working closely with the Staff Team to organize this event. I am allowed to post it :)

    And finally...

    I hope to see as many of you on the server. And perhaps some of you who might normally not attend an event. Remember. Stay awesome and have fun :)

    Sam - Your local Turtle Master.
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  2. Reserved for event announcements.


    • Event has been changed to this Friday.
  3. I can not make it :(

    Is it possible to make the time around 6:30pm EST?

    I get out of school at 3:00pm PST
  4. I'll probably be able to make it, if I don't forget
  5. I just can't do that sorry :( But I'll hopefully do another one in the future if this all goes well.
  6. That's about 30 mins past midnight GMT
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  7. xD
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  8. Please reply if you can attend. It gives as a rough idea of the attendee figure.
  9. Latest news! The time has been changed to Friday night! Hopefully more people can attend!
  10. *groans*
    Might not be able to come Friday, but I'll see
    The problem is, most people are at school until 3pm est (I think it's est?), it takes me about an hour to get home from school, and I don't even live that far away. Making it on a weekend would be best, but that's just my opinion
  11. Ok. I'll discuss it.
  12. Hope as many of you can attend today!
  13. Wait, is it 00:30 GMT last night on TOnight? It's 8:56 if that helps navigate my tome now :p
  14. It's going to be held at 8:45pm GMT time, which is 3:45am EST :)
  15. Thank you for confirming that Alex. I hope to see as many of you there as I can. I'm hoping to run more than 1 game if we have the time :)
  16. I was just wondering what map and what plugin?
    Edit: I was about to ask if a staff would be there but that friendly *rich* person is going to come.
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  17. 1. Ha ha funny :p
    2. You might be able to figure out the plugin once you're on.
    3. Map won't be relieved until you're on :) But I will say it's by Team Varide :p
  18. Not long to go now!
  19. Is it still at 8:30 8:35, misread?