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  1. Hey, normal events are boring... LETS DO SOMETHING FUN! :D


    As I am now a nuclear hamster, time for some survival games. It's super important you listen to staff during this event. Anyone who decides to break ANY rule for ANY reason will be localbanned from the events server. Sorry this has to be said, but this is effectively a test run of this event, so people messing it up screws us all over. :)

    We will be playing a survival games map I randomly found at 8:30 PM GMT (thats an hour from this post). Normal rules apply, and if you logout, HamsterBot will automatically kill you.

    There is no player limit, so we'll just play with however many people are there. There is no spectate mode since I'm too lazy to add one, so if you die, you get the joys of a glass box, and my terrible cometary.

    Ask if you have any questions. :) We're not starting til 8:30, but you're welcome to hang out there until we do.

    Winner gets 50k plus whatever's donated (please /r pay rupees to me, and create an access chest for me for item if you wish to donate).
  2. Interesting... I shall be sure to take a little look! ;)
  3. Too late for me. Have fun everyone though! :D
  4. I HAVE to be there! :D
  5. I don't even wanna know how you discovered this. :p Sounds fun! Thanks!
  6. Quick guys, the hamster is gaining knowledge and finding new, more entertaining ways to murder us!

    Edit: I'll probably be there anyway, for science
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  7. Hehe, I'll probably get rekt though
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  8. Boosting slots and fixing bugs, bare with me guys. :)
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  9. I'm on it! :3
  10. :D
  11. Take as long as you need. Not home yet D:
  12. did I ever mention how awesome Jack is...
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  13. How much RAM have you loaded this server with?
  14. Says im not White listed.
  15. I joined the hour before and now it says that I lost connection and am not whitelisted on the server!
  16. Not whitelisted :/
  17. My graphics card crashed...
  18. not white listed?
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  19. It's really unfair for me because I had good everything and my graphics card crashed. It's malfunctioning atm