EMC Stock Market

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by bombboy54321, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I was thinking we make a section of the forums a stock market.
    You make it where if someone is trying to make a mall or some sort of money making project, they can split the amount of rupees they have and sell them as stock. Each stock would be a percentage of their money.
    Example: Say you have 100,000 rupees and you split it into 10,000 shares. Each share is .1% and is worth 10 rupees. So if you sell some shares, and now u have 200,000 rupees people can sell back their shares for 20 rupees each which is still .1%. If u sell all of your stock (which is pretty dumb) you wouldn't own any of the company. The person who owns the most shares is in charge of the company.
    The shareholders would, however, lose money if your mall or certain project makes no money or loses money.
    It would work somewhat like a real stock market
  2. Sounds cool but could be manipulated to get a few people very rich. Maybe investing in a materials like diamond and wood would be better and less manipulative and would be based on the actual server economy. If the price of diamond goes up then you make money. If it goes down you lose money.
  3. Sadly (Stupidly Imo since I like drama and being *shanked and robbed*) banks aren't allowed and this would qualify as a "bank".
  4. That sounds like a good idea although i dont know how that would work. The only way i can think of is a tree farm or logging company for wood, and a mining company for diamonds.
  5. I tried to ask staff members and no on thouhgt anything of it so I though i should post a suggestion.
  6. I THINK they dont want EMC to be Hugely made of the Economy, for it is just a thing to make the servers better.