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  1. What is it?
    The EMC Stock Exchange is a way for players to invest in each other to gain additional rupees. Players can list their company on the market and sell stock in their company. In exchange, they should pay dividends to investors or give some other incentive. These companies will be required to accept certain regulations in order to be publicly listed.

    Let’s explain what these things mean:
    Company: A company is a single entity listed on the market. Companies are composed of 1 or more players. Any decision related to this market must be agreed upon by the majority of a company. To become a company, follow the steps at the bottom of the post.

    Listings: All listings are handled by the market in a special spreadsheet and in this thread. Do not try to buy or sell stock outside this thread and spreadsheet.

    Investments: Investments must follow some simple but specific steps in order to be valid. The inability to follow the steps provided can result in your investment being canceled and/or you being banned from the exchange. The steps are very simple and well documented but are incredibly important to ensure the integrity of this service.

    Dividends: These are the payments from a company to its investors. Check out a company’s listings to see if/how they will pay these out.

    Share: Shares are each individual book and make up a companies stock.

    How do I list my company?

    1. Determine your company name and symbol. For example, Facebook is a company name and FB is their symbol. Changing your symbols and name involves a lot of extra work so make sure it is what you want.
    2. Decide how many shares you want to sell and create your share books. These are signed books which should:
      1. include your company name in the title,
      2. be signed by one person in the company,
      3. have a share id on the first page. A share id is your symbol, a # sign, and a number. For example, Facebook would do FB#1, FB#2, etc. Triple check that these are all formatted correctly and no two books have the same id.
    3. Next, you must add your company to the exchange. You can do so here. If there are multiple people in your company, you must start a pm with jkrmnj and xharo_der including all members in the company. Everyone must reply saying they agree to be in the company.
    4. Once completed, you must post on this thread with your symbol and any additional information you want possible investors to know. You are only required to include the company id in your post but additional information can help investors learn why they should invest in you. Including additional information such as the number of stocks you are putting for sale and the amount of money each stock will earn with dividends is highly recommended.
    5. Finally, sell your stock. See the “How do I sell stock” Section for information on how to do that.
    6. You will have some additional responsibilities as a company. Someone registered with the company must give updates and ensure dividends/other benefits are paid. Failure to provide benefits without providing a reason will result in a ban from future stock activity. It is in your best interest to be open about how your company is doing.
    How do I sell stock?
    1. Determine the number of shares you want to sell and at what price per stock you are selling at. Get all of the physical shares (books) ready to distribute. Here is a list of companies.
    2. Fill out the form here.
    3. Post the following information on the thread:
      1. Sell id (It is the row number of your order here)
      2. Company that corresponds to the stock
      3. Number of shares for sale
      4. Cost per stock
      5. Any additional information you want to say
    4. Wait for your order to be approved. If it is not approved, you will be told how you can fix it. DO NOT EXCHANGE ANY STOCK UNTIL APPROVED
    5. Wait for an approved buy order. Once a buy order comes in for part or all of the order you are selling, send the shares to the buyer. The buyer will verify that the stock is correct and send the rupees.
    6. Enjoy your rupees
    How do I buy stock?
    1. Find a sell order you would like to purchase here. Fill out a buy order for the stock here. If you no one is selling the stock you want to buy, post in this thread and await a sell order to come up. Note: it is still first come first serve. Until you fill out the buy order, anyone can purchase stock. You can find a list of companies here.
    2. Post on the thread with the following information. Make sure to reply to the sell order.
      1. Id of sell order (it is the row number of the order here)
      2. Id of buy order (it is the row number of the order here)
      3. Number of shares you are buying
      4. Total cost to you
      5. Any additional information
    3. Wait for your order to be approved
    4. Receive shares in mail
    5. Verify that the each share id and type match. Report it in the thread if it doesn’t
    6. Send the rupees to the seller
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  2. FAQ:
    How do I know if my order has been approved?
    You will get a reply from jkrmnj, or xHaro_der.

    Can I offer other incentives to investors beyond dividends? Can I start special investor chats?

    Can I buy/sell stock outside of this exchange?
    All stock for the EMC stock exchange is tracked in a spreadsheet so we always know who should own it. If you wish to participate in this stock exchange, DO NOT SELL OR BUY STOCK OUTSIDE OF THIS SYSTEM.

    Something about my company/order needs to change. Can it be changed?
    Yes. You can change almost anything. If you are a company, the change won’t go into effect for a week. Send a PM to jkrmnj to get something changed and include all company members. Once approved, edit your post and I will edit the listing. If it is an order, the change will happen immediately when approved as long as no one else has tried to buy it.

    Can I refuse to sell my stock to a player I don’t like?
    No. This will get you banned from the market if you don’t comply.

    The company I bought from is not participating anymore. HELP!
    This is a risk of investing. If the company has not been paying out dividends and hasn’t been providing information all orders will be immediately frozen and a psa will be sent out. Do not trade any of their stock. We will work to regain communication with the company and figure out what is happening. Depending on the scope of the damage, refunds might be issued. This will be handled on a case by case basis. We will work on contacting recent traders of the stock and try to get trades reversed. This is a risk of investing though so be prepared.

    I am a company and want to leave the exchange.
    Contact me as well in advance as you can. A psa will go out to everyone owning your stock about the change. All trade of your stock will be frozen. You might not be allowed back in if you choose to abandon all stock.

    I lost my book, now what?
    Books are the stock and losing one is a massive problem. Report the book as missing and try to get a replacement from the player that signed it. For scammers out there, this will not get you extra stock and stealing stock will only get you banned. Books, and who should own them, is tracked in a spreadsheet making it incredibly easy to tell who bought them.

    I think I got scammed.
    You should only do business with approved companies and orders. If the exchange was not approved, we will try to assist you but can only do so much. If it was approved, we will sort this out using the logs and all information we have. This activity is not sanctioned by staff and they will not be able to help. Don’t bother them with this stuff.

    Legal stuff:
    This is not a loan or bank. When you “invest” you are buying a signed book that you hope will hold value later on. At any given point the company owner could disappear or the value could plummet leaving you with just the book you bought. This is very similar to investing in any other item or promo. The price is likely to fluctuate and nothing is for certain. With that said, we will do our best to ensure that any foul play is dealt with to the best of our abilities. If you have any further questions, send a pm to jkrmnj and xharo_der.
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    *edit - this thread will have to remain locked until Krysyy can respond. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

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  5. This suggestion, while I can tell that you spent a lot of time outlining it, is denied due to the following:

    Not being Officially Staff Operated:
    Your spreadsheet, however organized it may be, is a spreadsheet that can be edited by the parties with access. As both of the players with access are not EMC Staff, there is not a guarantee that things may be modified and the actual EMC Staff would have no way of correcting or even deeming if it was modified because the evidence is not in a controlled state.

    Dividend Payout Regulation/Scam Potential:
    Without access to the company's bank account, how are you to regulate if dividends were or were not paid out as promised? You do not have access to every player's rupees balance and therefore cannot regulate this. Without this regulation, there is not a control of the participants and companies could be claiming they are paying out in order to earn investors, when they really are not.

    Insider Trading and More Scams:
    This is a major issue enough in the real world and is possible in the virtual world just as easily. This is a major scam opportunity that Staff would have no ability to control. Your statement that "At any given point the company owner could disappear or the value could plummet leaving you with just the book you bought" raises a million red flags in this department and the balance risk vs reward of this system has resulted in a negative response from Staff discussion.

    Loaning Regulation Complication:
    Currently on EMC, Loans are not Moderated. However, there are certain rules that you must abide by when operating with loans. While you may not see this as a Loan, in the eyes of EMC Staff, it is a payment made to another player that is expected to pay back over time, through the use of dividends, or to be worth more, etc. This therefore places it into a category of loaning or loaning with interest. Therefore, it is not moderated, but would also not be able to be publicized, per this section of the loaning regulation: It is NOT allowed to publicize the offering of nor the inquiry of a loan or savings account. By this, we mean that you may not make a forum thread or speak in the public Chat channels about them. The entire Stock system itself would be going against this regulation.
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