EMC Staff Christmas song

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  1. For christmas is coming close, I was thinking, would'nt it be a nice idea if most of the EMC staff did a christmas song for us, and then put it on the empire for all of us to watch and hear?

    I know there has been a sond done before but, this one can be new and improved ;)
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  2. If possible, I'd love advent calender.

    A chest has 54 slots, enough for an advent calender. We could have the 25 days of Christmas on it. You can only claim 1 reward per day. On the 25th, the Promotional Item is available. As for the other 24 days, could be some EMC-Only item. A Vault Voucher one day, Aikar's head another day, and maybe rupees another day.

    Also, great idea!
  3. But 25 EMC special items given to each player seems a bit too much for me. I also like the idea of an advent calender but with other items plus on the 6th and the 25th sone special items :) Just my 2 cents
  4. I agree this would be cool but not an Aikar head. Those are to valuable to be given out for free.
  5. They were just some examples :)
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  6. I think an calender would be cool, sounds like a good idea maybe if they can, do that and a sing along with it ;)
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  7. The staff could break up a song into certain lines and then someone else can fit them all together.


    To be continued.
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  8. I'm no good at singing and you know that!
  9. Why do you think they suggested this?

    Oh, another fun thing to do could be to decorate the Empire Minecraft logo on the website.
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  10. Oh, but that is what's so great about it!
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  11. I believe the advent calandar should give away trivial items such as diamonds and rarely a special item such as a vault voucher.
  12. What porphos said.
    Aikar heads and Vault Vouchers each day would be VERY OP.
    However, I do very much like the advent calendar idea :)
    May I suggest small renamed items that are common items, just renamed, like the previous not special dirt?
  13. I like these ideas, but what about other religions who don't celebrate Christmas?
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  14. That's true, there's Hanukkah and such, although EMC (players do, but most promos and holidays are based about the US) doesn't tend to focus on non-American holiday that much, but it'd be nice to see an international understanding, since there's people from all over the world on EMC.
  15. people in the US celebrate Hanukkah as well. Well the Jews at least. :)
  16. I hope this can be done sounds like it could be funny :)
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  18. Ehats everyone doing for christmas then?