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Should the comments in the linked thread be kept, or removed?

Remove the comments from the list. 5 vote(s) 21.7%
Keep the comments on the list . 12 vote(s) 52.2%
Keep the comments, but change them, as per my post below. 3 vote(s) 13.0%
Abstain: I don't really care either way (vote won't be counted towards decision) 3 vote(s) 13.0%
  1. EMC Shops and Attractions

    The EMC Shops and Attractions thread is something I started a while ago, before I was even a mod. As I grew frustrated with not knowing where all the shops were to quickly buy what i needed. So as a resource mostly just for me, and anyone else who cared to look. It grew into a more public resource which I tried to update regularly and even include general attractions, and smaller shops.

    However, with it's rise in popularity, so came a rise in objections by owners to the comments I'd write, as it started to have impact on their business. (IMO, they'd have increased business simply because their mall was listed by me, but that's something i can't possibly prove.). Though I have always tried to keep the comments accurate and more informative, than damaging, a couple have asked that i remove them from the listing.

    For that reason, and the fact i've been lax in maintaining the thread, I am going to leave it to this Poll as to whether these comments be removed. Majority rules.

    I prefer to 'investigate' every change people ask me to make, be it altering a comment, or adding a shop. As anyone involved in marketing/sales/etc knows, people will almost never accurately represent their own business, but rather promote it any way they can. So you cannot believe what you are told, but should always verify things for yourself. I have become very slack in doing this. As I've been too busy with other things, not the least of which is mod duties. Rather than just abandoning this project, I'd like someone who is equally devoted to it as I was to take over and maintain. (almost daily maintenance is expected, except for the few days you cannot get online perhaps).

    I am looking for someone to take over this public service, if you are interested, please PM me.
    Requirements: (I won't even consider a player who doesn't meet requirements)
    • Been in EMC a fair while 100+ days
    • Active every day (you might miss a day here and there, but basically highly active)
    • Calm, patient, well spoken/written. Can maintain the thread without any bias towards people you personally have issues with.
    Basically, the existing thread will be closed/locked. A new thread will be started by the new owner of the list. The existing list will be copied over, with a link in both threads linking to the other. The new owner will then maintain/update the thread as often as possible for the future of EMC. The new owner must agree to never accepting any form of payment/gift for this service, from anyone.

    Sorry for the length of the post. I wanted to cover everything. :)
  2. As a new player your list has helped me greatly. My first few days I spent hours doing /v +shop and getting the same ones with little or no stock. Or I would find a mall that was so over priced I couldn't afford anything. I have used your list many many times in my 30 days of MC. Personally as a RL business manager I didn't take your word for over priced shops but investigated them myself. Generally you were correct. I hope that whoever takes this over keeps the comments on what people are selling and their average prices listed. It is a great tool for new people.

    Just my 2r worth. Thanks for all the work put into the list.
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  3. time for my 1r word then =P.
    +1 to the one who takes over the thread. You will be server hopping a lot, but fame will follow you.
    good luck to the applicants. This thread needs to be constantly updated.
  4. Thank you very much for your hard work on this! My suggestion for comments is let the shop owner provide the details pertaining to their shop. The owner of the list would only add positive recommendations and remove people who's shops are no longer active because they are derelict or who have removed their shops.
  5. It's tough when you feel more and more pressure when your thing gets more and more known.
  6. I have a suggestion to make keeping the list up easier. Once a month, start a conversation with the list of shopkeepers. The shopkeepers must reply to the message, stating that their shop is still open and stocked. The shop keeper can also give updated info on what they are trying to sell. If the shopkeeper doesn't respond, the shop is removed from the list. Then the person in charge of this could just do spot checking and advertising for the list. Put some of the responsibilty on the shopkeeper for supplying information and keeping the list current. Just an idea, i don't know if its a good one.
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  7. I actually like that idea, there may be some owners of great shops that refuse to use the forums though.
  8. Please add my shop to the list.. Also I would like to know where I can see that list at
  9. The link is at the top of the first post.
  10. Wait so is this still going to happen? xD
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