Emc servers are down?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by emfs_ad, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I'm having a problem where Smp1, Smp2, Smp4, Smp5, Smp7, Smp8, and Smp9 cannot be reached. And Smp3, Smp6, and Utopia "Took too long to log in."

    Is anyone else having this issue as of now?
  2. Mista Koala! :D and yes

    Edit: we must hug the koala bear
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  3. Yep. Same as me. I feel that this has been occurring more and more frequently..
  4. Yea im having this problem too :/
  5. Indeed it has...

    I have no life so what am I going to be doing now? Sleep? I think not!
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  6. I think the server is telling me to get some sleep. its almsot 3:30am
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  7. Its only 12:30 I'm not going to sleep! :p
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  8. But... I just got out of bed! why do this to me server :(
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  9. maybe every single staff member fell asleep? :p
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  10. 5weety isn't asleep :p

    I messaged ICC through a different service which he is apparently on, hopefully he should get it soon ;)
  11. i tried to connect to smp8 because it says it is up and i got a message saying you can only be on one emc server at a time?:confused:
  12. Yeah, that's exactly what I was about to mention. I think when the servers crashed, it didn't register everyone disconnecting.
  13. look at the live maps... it didnt!
  14. Wish I had yo connections...
  15. well at least smp8 has gone back up... but im guessing the only people that can get on there at the moment are people from smp3, 6 and 8 :(

    EDIT: Possibly
  16. My alt just got on. And he was from 7
  17. Wouldn't be surprised Rundercaster :p
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  18. Or maybe the staff turned evil? :p
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  19. New possibility... maybe the crash only happened to people who were on at the time?
    time to test this with my alt
    EDIT: Nope but atleast i can now play on the servers that are up :)