EMC seed thread.

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  1. Post any seeds you know here!

    Mine, Sprite

    Puts you on a tiny island with one tree.
  2. Another spam thread with 2-3 lines just to get top poster?
    *just a question*
  3. Whats with you? I made a thread about seeds. I'm not going to make a novel about it.
  4. Not necessary, what's wrong with him posting a thread if he feels he wants to?
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  5. Even if he wants Top Poster.. is that really something to lose your temper about? really?

    There's better stuff to brag about in EMC than being it's forums "Top Poster"... win a contest, make a massive creation, help new players, become a supporter.. idk.. that fills me more than having 68 trophie points and my name up top the list...
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  6. Well I have 88 trophy points so I win. :p
    And really, so few people even know that the Top Poster section exists that there is very little prestige to go along with such a rank. :)
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  7. Don't really care about it. Good chunk of my post's are stupid question's I asked when I started.
  8. Well, back then you were new, so no question is a stupid question, because they all have answers that can help you come to an understanding :)
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  9. So back on topic. Anyone have any good seeds?
  10. 'gimmeabreak'

    Sorry for sarcasm...
  12. It make u spawn next to big NPC village
  13. I know right!?!
  14. LOL i forgot to see the second line.
  15. 'Bongor'

    Close by where you spawn is a spider dungeon at coords X: 84 Z:237 Y:61.

    There is also a large ravine near the spawn point which has a ton of map generated caverns that have plenty of iron, gold, and even some nice diamond veins. Coords to the ravine is at X: 32 Z:281.

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  16. Thanks Green, will check that one out soon :)
  17. i got one for 12w04a '
    "jungle Biome " Puts u right nxt to a jungle biome, turn around, EPICNESS!
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  18. dont mean to troll but copherfield is a troller! He trolls everything.
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  19. Didn't do anything.
  20. I really like using 'helloWorld'. There's an extreme hills biome not too far off from spawn that I like, and forests all around.