EMC Secret Santa 2014

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  1. Welcome to the EMC Secret Santa 2014 edition!
    Last year, Dj_krazy (I believe) headed up the secret santa, and I'm here to follow in his footsteps!
    We're starting a bit late this year, so we will have to work quickly.
    Here's how it works.
    You send me a private message or respond to this thread on the site. You will respond or send me a "wish list" of minecraft items that you want. (Please be reasonable, don't ask for ten orebusters or something of the sort)
    Once we start getting even numbers of participants, you will be assigned a person to whom you will be a Secret Santa.
    Once you get the items you feel they will enjoy, bring them to me! I will build "presents" where there will be an access chest for the person who you got a gift.
  2. Just found out this is already being hosted and I completely missed it
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.