EMC Roleplay Announcement/Application Requirements

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  1. Hello, EMC! From my recent thread in the Suggestion section (You can find it here), there were several people who seemed to approve of the idea of roleplaying within Minecraft.

    I'm here today to announce that I will be organizing a group of roleplayers from every nook and cranny in the Empire, a group that will adventure together, form outposts, and have fun.

    There will be a strict(ish) application required to join, as I feel the need to weed out immature or potential griefers, which will allow you to create a character that you can inhabit within this group.

    Once accepted, you will be added to the official group conversation, where all participants can discuss several items relating to the group, such as the server location, the location on the server, and more. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THIS THREAD. I will ignore any applications posted in this thread, instead, you can start a private conversation with me.

    Here is an example application:

    Name: Maximus of Hillvale
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male

    Maximus of Mirugan was born in the unsavory hamlet of Hillvale Village, and as a result, was quickly lured into a life of petty crime. In his early teens to young adult life, he led a small-time gang of thugs who occasionally stole ships from the harbor for profit.

    Arrested soon after, Maximus was exposed to much more evil than he imagined possible, and was completely scared straight by the experience. Upon release, Maximus moved away, expecting to find a life of opportunity in the big city. Debts began piling up, and Maximus fled the city months later, pursued by loan sharks.

    Maximus quickly chanced upon a group of like-minded explorer wannabes, and settled in nicely. The group traveled place to place around the Empire, and operated as small-time mercenaries. Maximus gained experience with the sword and bow, and gained a high place amongst the mercenary group.

    Maximus staged a small coup to overthrow the group's sadistic leader, and rose to power himself. Maximus continued maintaining the mercenary crew until an attempt to exploit the Nether went horribly awry. The group of twenty were all killed by an enormous horde of Nether Wolves, and Maximus, critically injured, fled to a low-level infirmary to recuperate.

    Now, Maximus is in full health and ready to step into the world again, pockets completely empty and stomach crying out for nourishment. Maximus has experience with combat, leadership, and surviving against all odds.

    This is the format in which you should create an application. Include your character's name, age, and gender. Please also include a short biography that details your skills and abilities.

    I hope to get some nice applicants! Thank you for reading this long post!