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  1. I had a good idea of a smp riding club
    I first had the idea when i finished the public stables on smp5
    the riding club will be for mods admins any any body who wishes to join
    to join the club u will have to purchas a lather tunic named [ EMC RIDING CLUB ]
    you will have to pay 20r a month to keep a member ship
    there are only 5 stable stalls open to keep a horse or a mule in
    the stalls cost 30r or if u want to keep it on a post out side its 10r
    or in the feild its free
  2. Emc is still 1.5
  3. I know just getting a head start
  4. So...How can I join?
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  5. You join by coming to my res on smp5 (10020) and pay me 20r for a tunic with (EMC RIDING CLUB) on it

    If u don't want to join the club u can hire a stall for 30r a months

    Member ships are 20r a month
  6. Read the information above