EMC records!

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  1. Intro:
    This thread is all about world record's YOU have set, this is a community sharing, and entertainment thread! not a "i bwoke hiz recerd!!!1111!!!!" thread, please read it all before posting.

    What to post:
    Post good, appropriate world record's you have set, with pictures, videos, and more. This is doesn't have to be Minecraft/gaming related (i.e. could be sports).


    ANY record's seeming just a bit inappropriate will be reported, and most likely deleted! please report any bad record's!
    This is community sharing, not an "official world record book" You will be viewed by many people!

    Now lets begin!
  2. I got the highest score on a WarioWare: Twisted Microgame. 999
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  3. I ran out of money on using three monopoly sets. :D
    The game kept going.
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  4. ooh... my mission for world records: host longest EMC thread that stayed active
  5. Dragon Sigs...
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  6. First recorded person to walk to all four outposts on any server.
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  7. Good luck beating the LLO! :D
  8. sounds legit
  9. Most TNT ever exploded in a res at once! 8 stacks, beats ICC TnT house, res 4202 for proof.
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  10. Most stores ever built by one person :cool:
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  11. What is the LLO mean or what is it?
  12. LLO means last light outpost :)
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  13. Ok
  14. Most cobblestone mined from a machine in a day. I did 250 Stacks.
  15. a 250 stacks?!?!?
  16. First fuctional bookstore.
  17. Its not actually that much :p Just seems like allot. I made an mega fast cobble gen to pull it off.
  18. Currently eating a sandwich, while chilling on the couch < seems apporite ;)
  19. First and only REAL third best Moderator.
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