EMC Quiz #2!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about a quiz I made! So, this quiz is about Krysyyjane9191. I'm starting to make quizzes about EMC players, and thought I'd start with Krysyy. Now remember, some of these facts are not true. Since I don't really know Krysyy, I won't be giving real information on her. Just assume this is a random player.

    Link: link coming soon, link is having problems.

    REMEMBER: This quiz has no right or wrong answers! You can just fill in an answer of your choice. Remember, I can check your answers! I can do this (but I won't), but I can tell you which ones you got wrong.

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  2. Are there right answers or not...? :confused:
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  3. Yes. There are right answers.
  4. Sounds like a fantastic idea, I just have some questions about some of your sentences not making complete sense. :I

    Is it about Krysyy or do we assume this is some imaginary or random player?

    So there are right and wrong answers?

    Will you or won't you do this?