EMC Promo Poster

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  1. Hey all. I made an EMC promo poster and I figured I'd post it here. Even though I made it, I give permission for ALL members of EMC to use it to promote the Empire and even link their personal referral link to the image. It's not as awesome as most, but it's just something simple I did while I was bored ^.^ Please remember to credit EMC for their logo! photo.jpg
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  2. I would probably buy a EMC poster. Only if it wasn't all for promotion.
  3. It's empire.us or empireminecraft.com, not empireminecraft.us.
    World's is missing an apostrophe.
    Other than that, good job :)
  4. There is a poster of a lava wall made by Notch himself in my room.
  5. Agreed, I think EMC would do well with small things like that and window decals for cars, make a dollar markup or whatever, it would be a tiny bit added to the supporter coffers!
  6. Hm. I must have been thinking of the server addresses when I did that. You're correct, it should be a '.com'

    I'll make the correction this evening and post an updated one ^.^ Thaks Volt.
  7. Now that is cool.
  8. I work with a business that sells signs/posters/car decals/etc. Sponsorship, Justinguy?