EMC Project Nova (Hitman Industries Headquarters)

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    Hello EMC

    Some of you know who I am and if you frequent SMP5 you may know too much :p

    Today I am here to share with you my next project codenamed Nova. I decided to Start a project on my 500th day in EMC but life got in the way, so that didn't happen. Now that things are calming down for a bit I will be starting this new project on my 600th day which is in 9 days(Oct. 5th).

    I searched the internets for weeks to find a fitting building to house my next endeavor Hitman Industries, a group dedicated to building spectacular creations around EMC and possible economical expansions to be revealed at a later date.

    Based on the size of the build and the intricacies therein I chose to use a utopia residence(5406) also I expect the build to take a while, upwards of 2-3 months. And upon completion of Nova there will be an opening ceremony followed by a drop party.

    I bring this to the attention of EMC to fuel my resolve and keep me motivated, there will be periodic updates to this thread detailing what has been done in each of the building phases. I am not here to seek donations(although they would not be turned down :p). But at the same time I would ask if there is anyone that would like to help in the construction of Nova. What I will be looking for is experienced Builders, Landscapers, Interior Designers, and Underground Building Specialists as there is a basement on the floor plans. I will be handling the Redstone components on my own. Anyone interested should start a conversation here on the forums with me. There are certain requirements for being accepted to work on Nova, including sending images/albums of some of your builds and being able to keep up with the build schedule which I will be working on creating the next 9 days.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  2. *Cough*

    I'll make sure to visit you on utopia and maybe lend a hand... I could dig? ^_^
  3. Good luck with that, noone ever visits Utopia. I had my Dragonia Hotel on 5002 and noone visited that opening party...

    And only a few people came to take a look at it.

    It'll be but a ghosttown...

    I suggest you play it somewhere on SMP5 (on 4SMP plots above y=182)...

    Good luck with this :D
  4. Yea figured as much when I got the res, but it would not fit on a small 60x60 and I don't like to build in the sky, the build is really just for me so i'm not too worried.
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  5. I'll come when it's at a good time for me, a great opportunity to actually go on utopia:)
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  6. Yo haer! i will be glad to help if u want :)
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  7. Will we be building what is in that picture?
  8. I am an AMAZING underground builder, I'll try and help if I can find time :)
  9. Same here ;P
  10. Yes
  11. I'll let everyone know when I start building and who can help with what.
  12. did you see my pm?