EMC Price tracker?

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  1. I'm rebooting my shop in the next few weeks, and I'm stuck in the pricing stage. I think I heard months ago about a separate web site that helped to compare the prices of all of the shops server wide.

    If it does exist (and I'm not imagining things) could someone please give me the URL or link?
  2. It's a command.Highest prices with /shop sell and lowest with /shop buy.
  3. This is not a command on EMC.
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  4. I don't believe so, but there will be a feature on EMC that will do this.
  5. Hopefully that kind of commands show up with the future 'shop update'.

    I think you referred to emcshops.org, which was a great tool to find shops.
    Unfortunately, that site is taken down (by the owners I guess).

    You could always try to make your own price tracker if you're good with coding?
    I would definitely make use of something like that;)
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  6. I saw a thread about it.I guess it was the ones that would be added.
  7. Most likely will be a /shop buy/sell item and it'll list the best shops for that.
  8. Well, they did used to be the EMC shop database but that disappeared out of nowhere, most people think the hosting wasn't paid or something but I don't know. There is Shavingfoam's EMC shopkeeper software which may be able to help, but i'm not sure as I haven't used it, it will be probably more helpful when you have built the actual shop. My advice is to just check loads of other malls and work out a average price that you think is suitable for your shop.