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Should all the staff be in paper?

Poll closed Aug 20, 2013.
Just admins 2 vote(s) 6.7%
All staff 26 vote(s) 86.7%
None 2 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Project: Will make a small diagram of EMC, and also will have Non staff players in the project if there is space.

    Update 1 :

    Update 2 : Nope.avi

    Update 3 :

    Check the other pages for more
  2. I have no idea what this means.
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  3. He's making paper mache of the staff and of EMC players
  4. Papercraft*
  5. I've made a few of the minis for myself :3
    I have faithcaster, eclipsys, myself, jackbiggin, alexchance, sqiggleyeff, sonicol1, ahzeriel, And amusedstew :3
  6. Wait... what?
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  8. I like it :)
  9. You could do one of me :D
    ...but it would be irrelevant in a month :(
    Unless you made 7 ;)
  10. Paper :D
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  11. If I have space I will try to fit as much players as I can, I'll show my sketch for it soon...
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  12. Are you taking requests?
  13. Right now I'm making the admins, and if everyone chooses all the staff, then I'll do the mods, then after that I'll accept requests. So 22 players, then requests
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  14. :D You can Do it! Can't wait.
  15. Right now, I'm doing to admins should take about an hour.
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  16. Well it is taking a while so, maybe longer....
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  17. How does one make these?
  18. MAGIC!!!
  19. How does one make these, other than magic?
  20. Google Minecraft Papercraft. download a template for a character, and put the taps in the correct holes/glue or tape the tabs on the side. (In A Nutshell ;))