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  1. Hello Shadow Here.

    I am here to talk to you guys about what i think is a great idea that will help EMC come closer together as a community. I was thinking how bout a newspaper. I haven't seen any around and i thought why not give it a shot.

    So basically i'm looking for trust able writers to gather ideas and find out some information or news about what happens on EMC. I have set up a HQ on my res 14925 on (Smp7) for people to come in share some ideas and even join the newspaper company. You will get an office that you can deocrate and much more... Hopefully you guys think this is a good idea and you can spread the news about this.

    From The_Shadow_007
  2. Sorry but this is about the 10th EMC newspaper. But I might be able to help.
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  3. The thing about this is that you have to have a dedicated group of people to do it consistently. I suggest for a project of this size to start with a large group of people that say they want to do it, then as people get busy or drop off, the project will still be able go on.

    Also, I recommend getting several good people who can format correctly in whatever format you choose; this way if you lose one then it's not too big of a deal. Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if you're going to put it on the forums, or if you're hosting it on something else, like youtube.

    Editors will also be your friend. As a writer I can attest that it is difficult to make sure you see and correct all of the errors that may be made, so I recommend 2-3 editors, just to be certain.
  4. Good Luck :D
  5. Ok thanks for your constructive feedback guys. I have got a dedicated group of people a few editors and all the thing that will make this successful.

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