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Would you watch this or be interested in it?

Yes 19 vote(s) 86.4%
Umm.. Maybe? 3 vote(s) 13.6%
NO 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Ok soooo I thought this would be a good idea.. idk yet. But I was thinking of doing news video's of what is going on around EMC like new mob releases, minecraft updates, EMC updates and events even. I have a video camera and everything and could do it so it would be like watching the actual news (except funner). I just don't know if anyone would watch or be interested in this in anyway.. Thanks !
  2. +1
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  3. Breakinng news: aikar ruins the economy
  4. lol i'm not gonna say something that's gonna get me banned xP
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  5. no. it has been a joke which has been going on for forever.
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  6. Too long...
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  7. I would watch it most likely.
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  8. Ok seeing as i am getting a lot of good feedback on this i will think of something to do :) Thanks everyone !
  9. You should also do something on the big projects that are going on on each server i.e Eclipsys Project, Deathtomb is always up to something, soon, I will be starting a big build for Olaf_C.
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  10. banana
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  11. Ya i like those :) I think 2 a week ill post something asking about big projects then ill do a collab of them :) Thanks i like that
  12. Sounds great! :)
  13. you might also want to think about getting a quick interview with the makers about the projects on skype or in chat
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  14. Of course banana it's very important subject within Emc social groups.;)
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  15. Ark you are on a roll today ;) hehe
  16. :p I got my ideas from Pyropuncher on the Mindcrack server. He does the exact same thing.
  17. So Emc news would be like "The Daily show with John Stewart" news being funny but real facts and stories. If you know what I mean. :)
  18. except for the funny :p
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