EMC Network Maintenance 1AM EMC Time [complete]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. All,
    Sorry for short notice, but I will be shutting servers down at 1AM EMC time (1hour 15 minutes from now) to change some configuration around.

    As you know we've been having some problems the past few days, and I've been making tons and tons of changes over the past few days.

    Going to make a few more tonight (restructuring the internal network on top of a 10.x range instead of a 192.168 range, combined with a new internal DNS system!)

    This involves restarting servers and lots of management changes to accommodate the new network structure.

    I anticipate there will be problems, as this isn't something I can test before I roll it out, but will get everything back up as soon as I can.

    I am working to finalize some network configurations that will ensure our problems are a thing of the past is the reason for this change.
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  2. No problem. If it helps with the server problems, we are all for it :p
  3. Thanks, Hope all the Problems will fix, and it works out easy for you, Best part is it will be going on when i am sleeping haha.
  4. Thanks for the update, was going mining tonight but I might get a decent night's sleep instead :p
  5. Keeping up the good work as usual Aikar. :)
  6. Thank you Aikar!
    Any guess to if it will be down for minutes or for hours?
  7. hopefully 5-10 minutes~.. if it goes into hours then i must of fell asleep after stopping the servers.

    Though I am taking this time to update the servers to java 8 too. I've been using java8 on stage for a while without issue so not expecting problems.
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  8. You never fail to impress.
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  9. Here comes the problems...
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  10. I can handle it if it's for the better of all of us. :D
    After all, I'm a true warrior at heart, and...

    "Patience is a warrior's greatest weapon."
    --Damas, deceased ruler of Spargus City
  11. Expect the unexpected.
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  12. Good, good. I hope voting is counted during that time, coz i don't see it in history.. Will try later in any case.
  13. Yay, thanks for continuing to make things better for us :)!!
  14. ok maint complete everything appears to be back up and running.

    Ran into a few issues as expected, but all good now.
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  15. So far considerably less lag, though I'm sure you saw that coming.
    tps was just a perfect 20
    Just kidding. Still with the lag-outs. :\
  16. this maint did not make any changes to lag.
    it was prep work for other changes and improving the configuration of our network.

    Your issue is special cased, but should be resolved soon.
  17. Cool. Thanks. I guess I assumed all problems were one problem.