EMC needs something new and quick!!!!

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  1. For me I played Empire 300+ days, and it is getting really boring. It was fun for the first few month, but after you build something in your res there is nothing to do. Of course, you could reset the res, but doing that over and over is boring. You could do all this building in single player and you don't have to reset it. I know there is things like diamond supporter and such, but in my opinion I don't think is worth it.
    Yeah I know the community is kind and all, but since I joined there is nothing else but more servers. Yeah there is Contest and things, but all the contest has to do with building. My point is that for the old people the servers are getting boring, therefore leaving.
    Anyway I'm Hoping there is something new coming up in 2013.
  2. Dragon Tombs and more are coming. Soon, buddy, soon ^_^
  3. You will be able to search far and wide for an artefactual portal, enter it with a huge group, murder a huge black dragon, and be able to use its egg to build stuff without having to worry about people destroying it, in the same update.

    Please stop complaining.
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  4. The beauty of Minecraft as a whole is that you can do whatever you want. There are a number of communities in the wild - join one. We've got an economy set up - start a shop! We've got TEXP - try to become a TEXP leader! There are 3 separate worlds on each server - explore the nether or find the end!

    It seems to me like you are bored with Minecraft, not EMC.
  5. How about doing stuff that people have never done before:

    Lava wall around spawn Taken by Volt72
    Reach 20 Million Rupees
    Make a Mega Shop that has an income of 1 Million rupees a day
    Make a casino and get Faithcaster Addicted
    Make an EMC Inspired Movie about It's end when ICC goes to far Taken By Me
    Make a Giant Cow In the wild
  6. You might want to check out your local bingo get-together.
    Create a maze that changes with the flick of a lever, using sticky pistons. It will keep you busy until the dragon stuff comes out.
  7. Or, a giant redstone machine. Make it as complicated as posible, and get 100% of the resources from the wild.