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    Hello Empire Minecraft.
    This is my new biggest server wide contest for all of EMC. Everyone can do this.
    What this will be is a major contest of Music. The rules are very simple.
    Every player can record themselfs singing a song, tapping on a table to a beat, playing rock music with a guitar. Anything. There are different apps and programs or just you recording your self with your phone and posting it on youtube, soundcloud, ect. I would say Garage Band is one of my favorite ones.
    I thought this would be a cool community contest for everyone. From 0 years old to infinity years old.
    You Can Not Steal Someones Music. That will get you kicked out of this. The whole thing will end 1-1-14. I play the violin my self so I might share it with you guys later on. Of course there will be prizes. They are as followed -

    1st place: 7.5k
    2nd place: 2.5k
    3rd place: 2k

    I really like Music and would like to see the Music Of Empire Minecraft!
    I hope you all like this and I will try and add to the prizes when I can.
    I will chose the winners my self. I Will pick 3 of the ones I like the most and they will be entered into a poll on another thread so people can vote. If there is a tie I will sort that out later.

    If you wish to donate to the prize it would be very helpful and you shall be mentioned here.
    The money goes to the prize and items are also useful for it. You can drop me items at the hoppers at 3660. Just go down the quartz steps and you will see the signs and chest/hopper :)

    Good Luck everyone! I look forward to seeing all your great music!
    Stay Awesome :)

  2. I am a cellist. I will compose something.
  3. I wonder if Hot Cross Buns on my elementary recorder would get me anywhere, because that's pretty much my musical limit :p
  4. Haha, we were learning how to play that song on Friday. Our teacher was showing us how to play the "Halloween" version of it.
  5. The good ol'e days of music class in elementary.
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  6. I might be able to record something, not sure if i can but, i can try.

    I've played the clarinet for 3 years. Im kinda rusty, but i can try something.
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  7. howaboutno
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  8. Same here...
  9. You guys do know that you can make up your own song and play it. Messy or not. Singing or blowing into something. It does not matter really. You don't have to be professional. (I'm not.)
  10. Can I make a song titled "Silence"
    That consists of nothing?
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  11. Thinking about throwing in a video with myself playing Guitar, either Nothing Else Matters (Intro) or Paradise City (Intro)
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  12. I Just remembered. If anyone has the app Garage Band that is also aloud. I have made some creative things with that. Have fun :)
  13. i can't even do that :p
  14. Say I was going to enter, and I just sat and sung a song. Is that allowed? Or would I have to play an instrument as well
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  16. I know right
  17. Can me and mi little brother participate?i play drums and my brother plays the bass.
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