Emc Memories

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  1. Im sure most people here have had friends that Used to always play Emc and then got bored.
    Or how you used to live yo're life on Emc before.
    Share your Memories :D

    Heres one of mine. Pieawsome
    When I first started playing Emc I was very new. When I first got Mc my friend showed me this server. (Not Pieawsome) I used to always buy iron with my daily rupee bonus for Jennypoo10's mall. When I got full Iron armor I got ready in my Little Wood hut next to the rise of SSRC. WindyLava and friends built those around me. I used to wait for my trees to grow before School.
    Once I got trapped when I went though a portal in the nether which sent me to a cave. And then the Portal vortex blew up. So I died and Raged a bit. Then I got back to doing so. Then when I wanted a partner I found a wolf. In the chat I wondered who knew how to use a Wolf. So Pieawsome replied to me saying he just bought a Wolf also and didnt know how to use it. He came to my res and We named our Wolfs Fluffy. We went on Adventures together and did So much fun. Also GoodDumbDog came along :D. We built my first wood tower shop which went very well. Then PieAwsomes cumputer broke and we wernt able to talk for around 6-8 Months. Then one day he came onto Emc Smp2. He asked what I was doing and I said building with friends. He said Ok and Then I never saw him again. When ever I visit his res I still feel sad. Rabidbunny Used to play Emc a ton. Now he just goes on PvP Servers all the time. GoodDumbDog will never leave. (I hope) I have a ton of Memories but I dont want to make a wall of text here. So yeah :)