EMC Mafia

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  1. Hi everyone! If you know what this is, heres the place to talk about it. If not, we're based in smp9. Inbox me if you'd like to join or start your own chapter in another server. Let the confusion begin!

    Dons in smp:
    1: Penfoldex
    9: 555NY

    Remember: all dons are under me, Don 555NY of smp9, therefore, must follow news announcements via inbox, and relay those messages to the members of your respective servers
  2. I have a friend who would enjoy this very much...
  3. haha, its an association of businesses... no actual organized crime... (as far as you know)
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  4. Yeah I know, he is the self declared "President of the Melons". But he has an odd fascination with the Sicilian Mafia...
  5. President of the melons..... what? lol... and who doesn't?
  6. send him to me... he can be the don of smp6 EMC mafia chapter (under me of course)
  7. I'll see what I can do.
  8. I can set a "small" place on smp4 for the mafia

    *said in italian accent*
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  9. Bit inapropiet for the younger players on emc tho right? Like there is a bunch of eight year olds roaming around.
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  10. well there honestly isnt any organized crime, its an association of shops
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  12. Just business, nothing personal.
  13. Maybe,I'm still thinking about it.
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  14. Hm. More details please.
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  15. Its about corporate monopoly.. and to irritate the smp9 "peace corps" which is just a neighborhood watch
  16. EMC requires for you to be over 13 to join so its at their own fault for lying.
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  17. Oh. I think I may join.
  18. Y'know, im thinkin' bout' joinin' this', eh.
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