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  1. Hello people of the Minecraft world!

    I've thought about doing a Minecraft Let's Play on my YouTube channel for a while now. I've finally got around to doing it. There aren't any videos posted yet of this let's play, but within the next week or two there definitely will be. Look forward to some really good content. I've put in a good $500 just towards equipment for my YouTube channel. (HD PVR, Fraps, Microphones, etc) I currently use an Audio Technica AT2020 for my videos so my audio quality should be pretty good considering the amount of money I spent on that microphone lol. No dinky videos on my channel! Feel free to check it out, and look forward to the let's play!

    Thanks for reading! :)
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  3. *Play
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  4. ?
  5. your title, have a mod fix it.
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  6. Oh, wow. I feel dumb lol.
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  7. Video not available in your country >_<
  8. Done fixed :). I like the idea of Let's Pay also though :p
  9. Would u be interested in being in my LP of EMC i'm with four people on smp3 and on episode 10 torro 4pm if u want to join get Skype! ad i hope u say yes i would a new person in it.
  10. Yes, but isn't that the definition of...
  11. +1 subscriber.

    And that will go away if this isn't fixed: image.jpg
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  12. I don't know why it says that. I have it enabled for mobile devices but it still gives me that message. I'm not sure why.
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  14. Yay! It is back!!!
  15. You get a subscription. Not too many good EMC let's plays left, you are one of the few that are.
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  16. Thanks mr.lof :) lol
  17. Cool. Just started looking at your LP. Quality is great! Found your latest LP the most interesting. You use of blocks etc given me some ideas. :) And what was that you did with putting blocks into chest?? I need that trick.

    I want to do some LP, and a few Vids on specific things. But have no experience. So any advice on cheap good editing/production/compression applications you have is welcome. :)