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  1. So. Seeing the EMC Shop Catalogue, I got myself an idea. In certain businesses, there are forums where employers can publish a job they need done, and individuals will contact the employer and work out the details. I think this could work for EMC. For example:
    Kayla is a rich player on EMC. However, she cannot dig out a whole residence by herself, and she needs people to help her dig. On her res, however, she does have some nice buildings that she does not want griefed, yet she does not spend considerable time on the empire to make sure she is not being griefed. She wants to hire someone trustworthy and hard-working to help her, but she is not sure where to get this information. Cue the proposed job forum. Kayla would go to the theoretical website and post the job that she is hiring for. She will post what you need to do, how much one will be paid, payment methods, etc.
    Jon is poor. He needs rupees, but he doesn't want to wait a few days for only a few hundred rupees. He goes on the proposed site and sees Kayla's job entry. He looks at Kayla's profile to see if she is a trustworthy employer, and contacts her asking to do the job. Kayla checks Jon's profile and sees that he has a good history with digging jobs, and is well reviewed by active members of the community. She contacts Jon back and tells her where to come for the job, and when he can start. Once the job is done, Kayla closes the forum she created. She posts a review about Jon, saying that he is a hard-working and trustworthy individual. Likewise, Jon posts that Kayla is a nice person, and paid him on time and in all the ways discussed in the forum.

    Ideas? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Can you possibly help with the site? Reply to the thread, please.
  2. So you want to make a job site or just a job thread?
  3. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! it must be done!! this dream must come alive!! I have always wanted something like this!!
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  4. I can help function and clean the forums (if any)

    Top notch forumer right here. I ain't admin of a minecraft server for nothing. (Obviously not this one though)
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  5. I am a web designer and I could help. Plus I am obviously very active on the internet.
  6. This must be done! I seriously need good workers because my hotel got griefed. HARD (1 floor is missing)
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  7. I know some good forum software. It's getting the domain and hosting that is hard.
  8. Good idea!
  9. Yay now i can make people dig out my res! Maybe not the last part,*takes all credit* JK!
  10. ugh please stop talking web design. It hurt being in 7th grade and trying to learn web design

  11. I can help with coding ;)
  12. If this goes forward, ill be happy to find you the website (the design also, obviously), the hosting but not the domain, up to it?
    It may work with wordpress (is how http://mcquarterly.com works for example) with SMF (it's how http://mcdeltateam.com works) Vainilla forums (idk who works with that, but it seems epic)
    I'm considering moving mcdelta to vainilla forums, as no1 ever uses it i think it will be fine. LOL.

    Btw: For gosh sake, don't do this only for the title and then leave, if you want some help i can provide, i want to work in projects that actually live long :)
  13. Awesome i always need an extra hands at my tree farm on smp5.. cant wait lol
  14. He is the best designer i've ever met, check his portfolium: https://sites.google.com/site/minercoemc/
  15. I am in the same grade as you then.
  16. Omg please do this! :)


    Wouldn't someone be able to say they are trustworthy and everything on there profile? Maybe i am just confused..
  17. I have good hosting but no free domain yet.
  18. It's like Angie's List in a way, if you know what that is. You can't give yourself reviews, only others can.
    Sounds good. I guess I'll talk to you later in the development stages then.
    Great, I might have a team of people working on this.
    Cool, I'd be glad to work with you on this. I've seen your site and I really like it, I hope we can make this one just as good if not better.
    Yes, I am very up to it, sounds great.
    Keep in mind that I am a general noob with designing websites and coding and such, so forgive me if you guys end up doing a lot of the work. I'll try to do what I can, but like I said, I'm no expert.
  19. I will help as much as I can!
  20. This is Awesome! I am actually starting an Employment Agency on smp4. We will soon have a system where our TRUSTED players will be posted at my place. I will have the ability to see reports and KNOW who is good and who needs a probationary/supervision period.
    New players can come and tell me what they are willing to do and I will help them start with small jobs until they become trustworthy. It will work in everyone's favor. :)
    People will be able to come to us and get the help they need for jobs and NOT have to worry about being griefed! It will work both ways. If they find someone who had flags and caused issues they will let me know so I can make notes and make sure they do not get further opportunity to create havoc.
    With me being the Mod with the family always there too I figure it will be hard to pull much over on anyone on smp4 very much longer. We are cleaning it up! :)