EMC issues vs 1.3.x issues

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  1. Hi all,

    I have recently seen a couple of posts that seem to back up what I feared; Some of the issues we are seeing (block-x, items disappearing) don't seem to be affecting other 1.3.x servers.
    I'm not saying that I have facts to back this up, I am simply asking for others experience. Have you noticed issues on the EMC servers that other 1.3.x servers are not having?
    I have seen the block-x issues, and seen items disappear since EMC moved to 1.3 which also, if I'm not mistaken, was at the same time as disaster recovery with the database... or migration/whatever you want to call it. The other 1.3.x server I play on here and there, did not see these issues.

    What is your experience?
    Note: Do not post links to, or mention by name, other servers.

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  2. can you talk about servers that have a name taken by 20 other servers?
  3. Do these other servers also use Bukkit?
  4. I don't understand the question to be honest, but I think I can still answer: Do not mention any name of any server, just to be safe. Also, the server name is not important here. The important part to focus on is simply, do you play on other servers that are on 1.3.x that DO NOT have the issues we are seeing here on EMC. Specifically I am referring to "block-x" (pistons disappearing) and losing items.
    I'm Trying to figure out if these issues are specific to EMC, or if the issues are specific to MC. Based on my personal experience, I'm guessing that they are specific to EMC, but I don't have a large enough test bed to state that with any confidence, which is why I'm asking for the experience of others.
  5. ok so (most unorgnaly named server ever) has some very simular problems
  6. Honestly I only play on 2 servers, this one and one that was made by a coworker. He is running CB++ and several of the plugins that EMC runs. He has zero complaints of "block-x" or items disappearing. His server only has about 15-30 players on at any one time.
  7. In an odd way, that's good to hear HAHA. Thank you for posting.
    I'm still hoping to hear from more people too :)
  8. Well, we also must remember - not everybody has experienced these problems, such as myself - though I could tell there was (might still be) lag issues
  9. I am playing a "server" that when you build and mine, you get 5 of that block!!
  10. Good point. The server I am talking about has so few people that lag doesn't present itself so easily. Also, just because the block-x and disappearing block issue wasn't reported, I guess, doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

    The main reason I am looking for answers is because the one person that I play with that I am friends with IRL, has stopped playing until these issues are ironed out.

    Did 1.3.2 stop block-x?
    Did 1.3.2 stop people from losing items?

    Well I guess we aren't doing so bad in comparison!
  11. Yeah, there's lag issues and block-x on this other server that i'm a moderator on. They're running Bukkit, residence, dynmap and Buycraft. I don't know about buycraft, but EMC runs a scaled down version of the residence plugin and dynmap.
    It's also kind of my fault since that server runs a modded version of dynmap and buycraft, and i'm one of the coders on their server's plugins :p Luckily since it's summer somebody else managed to do my job for me because I didn't have time to.

    I'm also a mod on another 1.3.2 server that was 1.2.5 until yesterday. No glitches there, just lag issues.
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  12. I don't know all the details but I heard that Block X reverted back into pistons... any items that have been lost are just tha. Lost. IcC recently posted that any and all bugs+ glitches, etc. Should be reported to IcecreamCow in the most details possible so Justin can look into them.

    I have not heard the all-clear on stuff disappearing yet...
  13. (Almost) complete list of EMC's plugins for reference:
    • Residence, although Justin removed a lot of code
    • Dynmap
    • SimplyVanish
    • A plugin called "Empire", made by Justin. Controls kick/bans, groups, teleports ect.
    • WorldEdit
    • ChestShop
    • LagMeter
    • Multiverse Core
    • Multiverse Portals
    • WorldGenerationControl
    There'll probably be a few more that I don't know of, can't find ect., but all plugins listed here are installed on EMC.
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  14. What is Simply Vanish? I seem to have figured out the other ones...
  15. I think its also a custom version of lockette for chest locks etc.
  16. It allows the mods to type /vanish and they dissapear.
  17. Where was this posted publicly at? :p

    Yes we are aware some of the issues appear to be EMC specific due to the fact they only occur in town and not the wild.

    Pistons and Furnaces appear to be broken in town but not the wild...

    This could be an issue in Residence, so other Residence servers may be affected, but I've not heard anything from Justin yet ( I just personally found the issue didnt effect the wild last night and deduced it has to be an EMC issue, been busy this weekend). Justin is trying his best to make time to look into things, but just understand he is not in the best conditions atm (due to internet access troubles) to do as much at this time, but hes working to the best of his ability.

    But to my knowledge, block-x still exists. I lost my piston door Saturday... :(
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  18. Mother of gd.gif

    I knew that.
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  19. or /vanished or /simplyvanish. :p Also, only Cow, Justin and Shaun can use it.
  20. It wasn't. But with the small amount of server knowledge I have, it wasn't the hardest thing to get. :p
    BAD CLUE: Justin failed at hiding the real /help