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  1. So, having been playing around for the past six months on EMC, I have slowly been working towards an overall building plan that I kind of had in mind, but will take some time to complete. I wasn't really ready to post on it yet, however LuckyGreenBird has kind of pushed me into starting it, as this thread will make it easier to respond to his invitation.

    Some players are already familiar with my main res (Bloodbeard's) and possibly some of my other builds, though most are at an early stage of progress. I have always been greatly interested in ancient civilizations, which is in part why I was drawn to try EMC... just because of the name Empire Minecraft. So I came to take a look and here I am. Now that I have been playing at building, I decided a couple months ago on this long-long term project, and the first phase is slowly progressing... Built the first res as I enjoy fishing at times to relax :)

    So... thus is born the EMC Imperial Navy... with ships under construction throughout the Empire, in designs taken from over a wide expanse of centuries...Obviously all the designs are only loosely based on real ships due to the restriction of both minecraft, as well as the area that I have to work with (ie residence size). I am now designating all my ships with EMCS (Empire Minecraft Ship) So far, just having a lot of fun!

    Warning: Little or nothing is to scale, purely creative, and any resemblance to actual ships, floating or sunken, is purely coincidental.

    PORT ROYAL (under construction - starting on interiors)

    Utopia: Town: res 5001
    EMCS Emerald of the Empire: Work in progress, as the ship design is integrated with 100 working canons, and will host the "Royal House" including most of the staff. It is the Flagship of the EMCS fleet. This ship, as stated below, is based on the ship HMS Royal Sovereign (1786). She is now accompanied by the EMCS Rainbow Warrior, to be captained and crewed by Chin and Alts. Landscaping still to come as well as several warehouses, and ships interiors have a ways to go yet.


    Smp6: Town: res 12010
    EMCS Nether Star: Basically completed. The first of my ports, located on my home res on smp6, is where I’ll begin, with the creation of the first ship of the fleet. This pirate ship is based on the merchant ships favored by many pirates back around the 17th century. Make sure to visit the new locker of Davy Jones under the sea, where many a sailor have gone to their final rest.

    NORTHPORT (mostly completed)

    Smp6: Town: res 12011
    Expanding the first onto a neighboring residence, as I like this spot for fishing, I decided to play around with some older designs with some future plans in mind:
    EMCS Dragons Tooth: Is based on the style of earlier smaller ships, which often would have had oars as well, though I haven’t found a way to recreate that to my satisfaction as yet.
    EMCS Triremis: Facing off with the first is a version of a Roman Trireme as used by the military, often fitted with a ram on the bow. Also would be fitted with banks of rowers.
    EMCS Shesmu: So from an earlier period still I played around with ideas for an Egyptian style barge on the dock, which was accompanied at one point by a birch bark canoe… which wasn’t to my satisfaction and has hence been dismantled….

    EASTPORT (under construction)

    Smp6: Wild East: East outpost
    Stage one was to start the construction of the harbor, including a classic style roman lighthouse, as well as docks for the members of the settlement. A large warship is in the upcoming plans.
    The dual boathouse is based on an actual irl build.

    SMP6: Wild East: Public Farm Hub island
    EMCS Ender: Here I wanted to construct a lone dark-hulled pirate just offshore, carrying 6 canons. It is a slightly smaller version than the style ship based on a gran carracca design. It can be located on the side of the isle where Ellisbrewers Lighthouse is!

    Harbour of the Vale (under construction)

    Smp6: Wild South: Sunnyvale Outpost
    A center of trade and defense, the Harbour at the Vale is well underway, currently with 3 ships in various stages, Warehousing facilities, a tower and keep for defense of the river-way, and soon to come fishing town.
    EMCS Arrow: A smaller gunship in permanent defense of the harbour. Built of dark oak with 10 canons.
    EMCS Coral: A small medieval style cargo ship designed for transport and a small crew. Currently based out of the harbour for trade in ores and resources locally.
    EMCS Nautilus: Still under construction, the Nautilus is an 88-canon gunship intended to defend the coastal waters of the Vale from potential invasion.

    Port of Haven (under construction)

    Smp7: Wild: True Haven Outpost
    A center of trade and defense, the Port at True Haven has begun construction for trade and defense of the new outpost for the Empire. Two ships of the Imperial Navy have been stationed here, alongside ships of other merchants.
    EMCS Flame: A small ship in permanent defense of the inner harbour. Built of dark oak with 8 canons amidship.
    EMCS Efficiency: A medieval cargo ship designed for transport of goods and livestock. Currently based out of the port for trade and transport.
    EMCS Smite: 100-gun First rate ship located in the outer harbour for defense of the colony and greater seas around True Haven.
  2. Ships of the EMC Imperial Navy

    EMCS Emerald of the Empire: Port Royal

    EMCS Rainbow Warrior: Port Royal

    EMCS Nether Star: Southport

    EMCS Dragons Head: Northport

    EMCS Triremis: Northport

    EMCS Ender: SMP6 Public farm Hub

    EMCS Arrow: Harbour of the Vale

    EMCS Coral: Harbour of the Vale

    EMCS Nautilus: Harbour of the Vale

    EMCS Flame: Port of Haven

    EMCS Efficiency: Port of Haven

    EMCS Smite: Port of Haven
  3. Those Ships Are Awesome :3

    To bad I am a Lordess From Ancient Greece :p
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  4. The Imperial Flagship is now under construction in dry-dock, on Utopia... to be christened later this year... followed by complete construction of the new harbour Port Royal.
    many 'special passengers' will be found onboard for the sailing....

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  5. I want to say she's based off HMS Sovereign of the Seas (1637). Am I on point or no?
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  6. Yes my friend... right on the mark. Excellent eye!

    Needed to update here as the 100 canons are now active and fully functional. Now I can continue with the interior decks as time permits.

    Course I can only shoot fireworks as fire charges dont work on emc.... so fortunate for my friend Toade next door.... :)
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  7. Historical style builds such as yours always captivate me. Would like to tour your ships sometime!
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  8. I would be happy to meet you... but new job has me super busy now so time is limited and it may be tough.
    So you know tho my reses are pretty much all open so you can go in anytime. Pretty much what you can see is what there is so far. New builds are underway but with my schudule progress will be slow kinda.
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  9. Not a problem, real life takes precedence over gaming.
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  10. Updated, the flagship is now getting rigging and sails up...
  11. newest addition to the fleet, the EMCS Rainbow Warrior joins the Emerald at Port Royal on Utopia.... crew to be named soon...
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  12. < I had a dream
    I saw you swim Sink to your grave
    Down to Davy Jone's locker
    Under the waves Don't say
    " Thank God for simple truths" >

    New ta South Port, un'er the still waters lay He, awaiting fer tha many sailors ta go to
    their final resting places,
    Lord Davy Jones awaits. Beware ye who visits... for ye may come back a head shorter!

    Currently located at 12010 on smp6. /v 12010 davy
    ( head Donations welcomed)
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  13. You like ships as much as i like trains! :eek: keep up the good stuff man
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  14. I like trains tooo.....
    But Muscle cars and sports cars most of all! :D
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  15. The Staff have now joined the players down in the depths of Davy's lair underwater...

    .... including the terrorific AncientTower and that Rogue, Revan !
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  16. EGADS!! She actually FLOATS! Thank goodness for that. Now ready to begin work on the harbour buildings and landscaping.

    A very special shout out to Bonnie & Clyde who fronted me enough gravel to prep. All set and waiting for the water update to properly complete the underwater landscaping... I am quite excited about that one :)

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  17. Updated with additional Harbour of the Vale, and her respective vessels. Working in the wild is a bit more challenging, but the additional space and possibilities are intriguing....

    EMCS Arrow: SMP6 Harbour of the Vale

    EMCS Coral: SMP6 Harbour of the Vale

    EMCS Nautilus: SMP6 Harbour of the Vale
  18. These look so good! I love ships
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  19. Cool!
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  20. New ships commissioned for the new Port of Haven on smp7
    The EMCS Flame, and EMCS Effciency.

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