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  1. Hey everyone,

    So like many people, yesterday I received a PS4, and I'm pretty happy with it. Tomorrow I'll be taking a trip into town in order to buy a new game for it, but I'm stuck on deciding which game to get. I've given myself 3 options: AC Unity, The Last Of Us Remastered and Destiny. Which one should I get? If any of you are willing to give the pros and cons using your personal opinion of each, that'd be appreciated.

    Sam :)
  2. I got the Destiny bundle for PS4, really excited to try that out. (If only it worked... >:l) But I feel that Ill like the game because its constant grinding to get new/better gear and weapons. If you like zombie games then hey try out the last of us. Unity, I have never really been into the Assasins Creed series so I cant have an opinion on that.
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  3. I would advise against Destiny, from what I have heard it was a massive flop (I think I remember one of my friends saying that you have to pay for 'DLC' to just play the full game -areas are blocked out until you purchase them)

    I have heard good reviews on AC Unity and I am a little fan myself of the AC franchise so that would be what I would spend my money on.

    The last of us is also a great game to be honest, I think It should be down to personal opinion when it comes to choosing between great games. What type of games you prefer would be a deciding factor.

    TL;DR - Anything, Just NOT Destiny

    Hope this helps :)
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  4. Thanks for your opinion. I've had my eye on Destiny since it was announced, so I'm really keen on it. With AC Unity, I'm a long time fan of the Assassin's Creed series, so that's also a contender. Regarding The Last Of Us Remastered, it's from Naughty Dog - creators of my favourite game; Uncharted 3, makers of some of the first games I played such as Crash Bandicoot Warped, so that's really making me think. Such a tough decision :p
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  5. Yeah it helps, I played Destiny on my PS3 when it was in BETA and it didn't feel "amazing" like it should. But that might of just been since it was in BETA.
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  6. My "opinions" :
    • Not Unity (It's very buggy)
    • Maybe Destiny (The story is bland and having friends makes it fun)
    • Yes TLOU (Very good story and somewhat ok multiplayer)
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  7. Thanks for your opinion :)
  8. Regarding all of these games, I have a friend who has a PS4 with all of them, so he wishes to play Multiplayer with me. So that's not an issue :)
  9. My "opinions" :
    • Not Unity (It's very buggy) Only buggy on PC
    • Maybe Destiny (The story is bland and having friends makes it fun) True
    • Yes TLOU (Very good story and somewhat ok multiplayer) I'd get this one. Though if your a fan of AC get that. Just not on PC x3
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  10. On destiny: it's not as bad as all the reviews said but the level design and enemies and kind of basic. And in my opinion the loot system is not that great. However it is all in all a really fun game.
    Ac unity wa really buggy and I'm not sure if it has been fixed yet. Another disappointing part is that a bit if the content is locked behind having to get a unisoft account and having to play a mobile game, this coupled with micro transactions makes the game feel like a ploy to squeeze as much money out of the consumer as possible. However it is still a really fun game if you like the ac format.
    I haven't played last of us but I hear it is excellent
    Finally if you don't have shadows of mordor I would highly recommend it, the combat is crazy fun and the nemesis system is innovative and fantastic, I would recommend shadows of mordor far before I would recommend any of these 3 games.
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  11. Get The Last of Us. Destiny isn't even as good as it was supposed to be. I have no idea what AC Unity is
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  12. So far I'm tempted with The Last Of Us :)