EMC has made you famous! (In a way)

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  1. People of EMC
    It has dawned on me that
    (Especially you Well-Known Members)
    EMC has made you famous! (In a way)
    If you google up your minecraft username
    It'll give you several pages of links to things you've posted!
    Although this is completely pointless
    and most people already know about it
    I just figured it out
    So I'm pretty pumped

    EDIT: Wait, this is in poem format, my bad :oops:
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  2. XD Liking for poem
  3. I already had many pages of me, I've been using this same name for everything for the past 8 years.
  4. Wow lol you remember how you came up with it?
    Accidents arent always bad xD
  5. Ofc. There was a thread that asked that a few months ago. Search for it.
  6. I may have found it, not finding you though...
  7. It has also made the highest posting members famous (me :p). When a new member signs up (and there are about 20-30 new users every 3-4 hours) they might look at the members page for staff. They'll then see us all.
  8. Hasn't made me famous. :(
    You would be very lucky to find any page referring to me specifically within the first dozen pages or so I would imagine. Especially after my name-sharing counterparts recent drunken vandalism exploits. :p
  9. *no comment*
    :p JK
    EDIT: famous is famous ;)
  10. Was invited to someone's private server and went. There were two or three other people there. I was gifted tons of stuff and told "PANDA YOU ARE LEGEND IN THE EMC!" people built a house for me. I was kinda shocked, don't really consider myself famous :confused:
  11. When I type in Eclipsys I get some stuff about a company?!?
  12. There seems to be another HylianNinja; a lot of stuff unrelated to me comes up. I thought I was the first person with this name.
  13. Lol there are like several pages of the old username I used to use
  14. Lol i use this username for almost everything so it shows up with random stuff. Nothing too major though =)
  15. How many pages did you get?
  16. "About 1,110 results"...idk how many pages
  17. Well that's interesting- everything under this username is about minecraft- mostly emc but some other servers come up with my profile as well.

    EDIT: 1140 results. HA! ;)
  18. Huh. It wasn't first. My YouTube channel apparently is more important. :rolleyes:
  19. Moose beats you but I'll let him post what his count was.
  20. 22,700 - admittedly a lot of people misspell ignoramus and end up in the search.
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