EMC Harlem Shake

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Feb 23, 2013.

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  2. Well, that was quick lol
    great vid :)
  3. I was playing a hunger games with my friend.. Then Benny8531 told me about it right when it finished..

    Missed it :(

    But great work tho!
  4. Found me XD and my brother and sister XD
  5. When was this?
  6. Like two hours ago.......
  7. Nice job, though Harlem Shake is getting old already xD
  8. Harlem shake was dead when it came out
  9. Gangnam style....Then Harlem Shake......watch, we will have something along the lines of guys in kilts doing buttspins or something next.......
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  10. Best thing, anywhere, EVER
  11. It never really picked up like Gangnam style did XD
  12. I laughed far too much at that lol
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  13. I miss all the fun stuff :eek:
  14. Well, Gangnam style has actual moves in it... from what I've seen of Harlem shake, it just looks like a bunch of people having seizures with music to go with it. I'd say that's probably the biggest reason for the difference in popularity. :p
  15. Everyone on EMC who hates Harlem Shake: Captain America.
    Everyone else: Everyone else.
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  16. lulz at black widow XD
  17. You're still alive?
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  19. Any reason you believe I should be dead?