EMC Halloween Party

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  1. Im gonna have a halloween party at res 14418 on smp7. Please reply if you want to help! We need tons of people!:D
  2. Course there's Trick-Or-Treating to do…
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  3. That would be cool at the LLO...
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  4. No I meant IRL. It's my only way of getting candy.
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  5. But do it at the LLO anyway.
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  6. You can. I'll be outside getting my yearly supply of candy. BACK ON TOPIC.
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  7. im going 3 times around with 3 diff costumes
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  8. LLO would be a great place to have a party!!! Specially a Halloween party!!!
  9. Mayb at Philo's Tower???
  10. ok the treats will be whatever the person chooses. (Diamonds,Gold,Iron,etc.)
  11. Cookies. (and cake!)