EMC Games - Villager Tennis (How it works)

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  1. There's still work in progress, but krysyy is working on it. HP editing is currently broken, so the villagers can't have higher HP as of now.

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  2. How'd you get those FPS? :confused:
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  3. FPS?
  4. The upcoming event should be called
    Villager Mauling Doubles Teams
  5. How did you break quartz so quick with an axe?

    I feel bad because so far 1/4 comments have been on topic and the other 3 have been referring to the strangeness of side details lol
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  6. Frames per second
  7. Lol this is how it should work. .. though villager health needs to be fixed
  8. May I buy that shovel? :p
  9. No. They are only for the games.
    Reminder for my testers: place it in your vault or mail it to me. I do have your names written down and will track you down =P
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  10. my computer is good
  11. client-side bugs; this happens with minecraft forge and in the video I have the shaders disabled
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