EMC Firework - /vault 50 fund [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Mystul, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Auction is for an EMC Fire Work - I have 2 to auction and will take top 2 bidders when the bell rings.

    Starting at 50000 (Will allow the first 2 bids to be 50000) after that normal bidding.
    MIN increase 1000
    End after 2 valid big +2hr sniper.

  2. Wait, you are selling a firework.....for 50k? i am sure i have missed something....
    (I was not here when we updated to 1.4.7)
  3. The EMC firework is a random effect firework, meaning it has as many outcomes as possible.
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  4. Of which there are millions.
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  5. Also, you might have to be clearer on these rules.
    You say that the first two bids are allowed to be 50k, but what if tow people do so and nobody goes higher, what then?
    And what odes 2hr sniper mean?
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  6. Ohhhhh i see, and how exactly does one get one of these....... :eek:
  7. then those 2 ppl win after 2 hours...

    sniper time means after the vaild bid +2hrs later the item is sold
  8. Sorry nevermind i have the thread link, ignore me
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  9. oh right, you have two...
    are you sure you are allowed to have two winners like that?
  10. Beleive I am following the spirt of the rules properly... I'll add this statement to main line...

    Auction will end with a single bid after 24 hours of posting said bid. A second vaild bid will start the 2 hr sniper clock.
  11. I'm guessing it is, but I certainly never seen an auction like this.
  12. Sniper clock?
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  13. Same as 2 hours after last bid - me and my fancy talk.

    SYSTEM is in the lead with 0r - still need someone to start it.
  14. These aren't worth 50k yet. Maybe about 25k
  15. And here is where I say - please stay on track - someone could buy them at 50k knowing that is a decent price and I don't often look for Rups. - so happens that vault is something I like the idea of.

    still looking for 2 valid 50k bids
  16. Personally I think your auction is a touch confusing, and it should be either auctioned as two EMC fireworks, starting bid of 50k with one winner, or run two auctions, one for each firework.
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