EMC Final GoodBye

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  1. EME EMC As I said I was Leaving EMC, I have already gave free perms on my res...i will be giving away my Utopia res for FREE To the person who gives the best goodbye :D
    The First 10 people to post here get 5k!
    BTW We also burned down the Justin statue I made...No efface to Justin I guess its just a symbol :)
    The Winner Will Be announced tomorrow!
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  2. Farewell, ivonator123. Hope your goals or whatever it is you soon to be plan on doing may be achieved. :)
  3. goodbye ivonator | i respect u more than anyone else |u have made my emc life great, and u make me happy when i am sad |goodbye and farewell
  4. Good bye i hope to c u again sometime and ill meet u on ur new server but ill be still on emc this is my home good bye IVO!!!!!!
  5. I remember the day your shop got griefed, i as a newbie still helped you out with some rupees i had :)
    Good bye and i hope you have a great time outside anywhere.
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  6. Goodbye my jolly chap. We will always miss you my good man.
  7. good bye, we'll miss u!
  8. Goodbye. Hope you enjoy your life. :p
  9. good bye have a good time in irl land :(
  10. Never really knew you but what ever you do next I wish you luck. :)
  11. idc about rupees but ill misss your amazing shop whose ores was never restocked lol ill miss it :')
  12. Goodbyw you will be missed.
  13. goodenta milak shic rak baruden
  14. i speak russian/romanian/hungarian/french/english/
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  15. Good bye ivon. ill miss your store so much! :(
  16. Ivonator Im sad to see u gonna your store was one of the beast around I enjoyed buying from you when I bought from you I knew it was going to someone who deserved it.....you inspired me to create a buy and sell store....you have helped me a lot understanding emc and giving me good tips on running my store.....you are one of the best people that has played on emc.....when your store was up for vote I voted for you cause in my mind it was the best around.....I wish you would stay on emc but I hope your new server works out for you.....PM me the IP cause I would love to play on it knowing its run by a well trusted person.....Im gonna miss you a lot.....Goodbye...ivon....and good luck hope to see you soon!!!!!!!:)
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