EMC Ender Residence

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  1. I have decided to make the first ever END residence. It will be on SMP1, 2222.
    I have already started progress, filled almost half the res with End Stone. I hope it will be finished within a week.

    Donations are accepted :
    Their are chests if you would like to donate at 2222. I will be buying End Stone or Obsidian if your aren't generous enough to donate. :p

    You can come over anytime, and help out with the building.
  2. If you would like to give suggestions, please do. I need everyones ideas on how to make it more like the actual End.

    Im asking someone to build an Ender Dragon or generously donate their Dragon Egg to go on the top of the portal once finished ( yea I know, its stupid. Nobody will say yes, but its worth a shot )

    I have been writing down names of the people who ahve helped/donated. They will be recognized with awards sooner or later.
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  3. I will donate you a 1000r or so tomorrow, I am on my iPad now, so I can't donate right now, but tomorrow I will.
  4. [SUGGESTION] Dig out your res, and make it an island. And make the walls from obsidian, that will make it look like the void.
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  5. Rawr, gotta mine ALL that End Stone BACK up. -.-
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  6. I can sell you some End Stone :p
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  7. I can sell you something like 32 obsidian, for 2 Rupees each :)

    Ill stock it tomorrow at 858 in smp1.

    EDIT: And 4 or so Endstone for 2 Rupees ;)
  8. I made the sell chests, I made the obsidian a little pricy so I dont rip anybody off hehe. :p
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  9. Rupee balance?
    Price o' the obsidian?
  10. Rupee Balance : 3,256
    Price for 32 obsidian : 10r
    Price for 16 obsidian 5r
  11. Aww, I need some stacks to let you run out of rupees :p

    But the price is kind of low, make it twice as high.
  12. I need it badly though. Donating is donating. :p
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  13. A dragon Egg? Maybe you could ask robot chicken...
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  14. You read my mind. :p
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  15. *sending a PM to robot chicken ad asking him to donate the dragon egg*
  16. Excellent, because I hate it when donations are accepted.
  17. Correcting me aye?
  18. being done SMP3 6008
  19. I made this! GRRRR!!!

    EDIT: I have a idea! Why not we all cooperate together? We will name it somehow xD...
  20. I did this first!!!