EMC Dev Roadmap - Updated 5/28/15

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  1. We know the players love to be "in the know", so we've decided to start a Development Roadmap that everyone can follow to see what is planned for the Empire!

    Keep watch on this thread for all the latest progress.
    • 1.8 Bug Fixes / Changes - Fix any issues from the 1.8 update and adjust mechanics to what we feel they should be on EMC.
    • Residence Updates - (chickeneer) Improvements to the Residence system and new features.
    • Name Change Support - Fix issues in our code that will break when a player changes their name due to the upcoming feature.
    • Games World - A new place to have fun and play some games with your friends, and a central place for many of the current staff hosted Empire Events
    • Dragon Tombs - http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-egg-update-info.14398/
      A new and exciting update to bring thrill to exploring the wild, giving you a chance to fight the Ender Dragon and receive Dragon Eggs! A major community building experience.

      This update is being developed in stages, with 2/4 done.
      • Players collect Dragon Stone Fragments from custom Mobs
      • Players use Dragon Stone's to participate in a special event.
      • Finishing that event gets an item to enter the Dragon Tomb.
      • Players must group together with minimum 5 players in order to begin a very challenging fight against the Ender Dragon - This is like nothing you've seen before!
      • Completing the Event gives the group Tokens, which can be redeemed for a Dragon Egg.
    • Empires - Wilderness Outposts - http://empireminecraft.com/threads/happy-birthday-emc-1-3-wild-reset-feature-updates.12384/
      Updates to the wilderness to support "living in the wild" type of game play.
      • Updates to livemap system to give players some privacy when farther out in the wild
      • Ability to setup Personal Outposts, to enable traveling to far distances in the wild
      • Ability to protect land in the wild (same with the outpost), protecting you from grief.
    • Shop System Overhaul - http://empireminecraft.com/threads/feature-discussion-empire-shop-update-v2.11757/
      THIS IS A LONG WAYS AWAY - Update the shop system to add searchable shop indexes including price and quantity, and improve overall flow and stability of the economy.
      • Add ability to search where its best to buy/sell items
      • Ability to buy items without having to leave your residence
      • Give new shop owners a fair shot in the economy
    • Unannounced Major update
      THIS IS A LONG WAYS AWAY - Another major content update! This will be after the shop system as we really want to get shop system out the doors, but more details will be announced on this when closer.
    • PVP Servers - Specific Game Types - (topic not created yet)
      THIS IS A LONG WAYS AWAY - Add new speciality server of PVP gameplay
      • Match style, Team Objective based gameplay
      • 2 server types of differing game lengths to choose from.
      • More gameplay types to come in future.
  2. This has been updated!

    Removed old completed items.
  3. Since we never added 1.8 to this list, it's still pretty close. Updated it a bit though. My 3 month day job project had set us behind on this work :(
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