EMC Custom Item Ideas

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  1. These Are ALL Ideas Nothing Is Set In Stone

    Please dont Say Its To Many For 1 Year These Are Specific to a Year

    Item: Dandelion
    Name: &aWrong Flower
    Lore: &5Happy Valentines Day from EMC!
    Lore2: I got you a Dandelion!.....
    Attributes: none

    Item: Lily Pad
    Name: &24 Leaf Clover
    Lore: &aMay You have Good Luck
    Attributes: none

    Item: Leather Helm Dyed Green
    Name:&aLeperchaun's Top hat
    Lore:&9Someware is a Leperchaun.... With no hat
    Attributes: Unbreakable SoulBound

    Item: Stained Glass All Colors
    Name:&(color of glass) Rainbow Shard
    Lore:&5Broken Off a Leperchauns Rainbow
    Attributes: None

    Item: Leather Boots Dyed White
    Name:&eB&bu&en&bn&ey &bS&el&bi&ep&bp&ee&br&es
    Lore:&4Made From The Fiercest Of Beings, The Mighty Carrot Eater!
    Attributes: Unbreakable

    Item: Rabbits Foot
    Name: &aUnlucky Rabbits Foot
    Lore: &4&lCause Of most Broken Things
    Attributes: None

    Item: Carrot
    Name: &6Wedding Carrot
    Lore: &9Who Needs a ring when you have a carrot?
    Attributes: None

    Item: Tripwire Hook
    Name: &9Carrot Peeler
    Lore: &7Whats Even thh Point Of peeling a Carrot?
    Attributes: None

    Item: Wool Red/White/Blue
    Name: Independence Red/White/Blue
    Lore: &cCrafted From Pure Independence
    Attributes: None
    Note: Pick From 1 of 3 colors

    [spoiler="Ghost" (Unsure)]
    Item: Glass
    Name: &7"Ghost"
    Lore: Hes Invisible!
    Attributes: Wearable

    Item: Chicken Spawn Egg
    Name: &bThankful Turkey
    Lore: &d Hes Thankful you Didnt Eat him
    Attributes: None
    Notes: Pet

  2. +1 some greate ideas, especially the easter one :D
  3. I will never say no to new promos :p +1
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  4. Consider using color instead of &letter. Aikar will get the point. :p
  5. What he said ^ +1
    *edit What if the promos name is "ThaklonedisSoSoSmelly"
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  6. Then it's all mine and rarez.
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  7. Like the ideas! +1
  8. Some of these sound really nice, and +1 from me as long as they are all different years (but you said that in the initial post :))
  9. Why can't we have a lightning rod ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
  10. All nice ideas for future promos... there's lots of different things that could be done :) There is a promo ideas submission form in the suggestion box area, it's pinned to the top of the forum so it could be worth submitting some ideas. Here's the page if you'd like it: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/promo-suggestions-form.45467/
  11. Holiday or event it would go with?
  12. We could have it on Nikola teslas birthday
  13. I only see one item all the other spoilers are empty.....
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  14. There are 9 in total :p
  15. Well not on my tablet or cell.... cant access my computer for a while....
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  16. Bump 2 Added to Saint patricks day
  17. -1
    Most of them barely have a use, and usually only 1 or 2 promos should come out for a holiday, not 3 all the time.
    You should remove the most unfitting one in each category, and make the other promos do something other than "Hey! I have a shiny tripwire hook! Let's try and peel carrots! *tries* Awww..."
  18. From what I can see these are just suggestions and not to have them all released together. Also there are some promos out there that don't have a specific use and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  19. Those are swell ideas! Very Creative indeed :)

    4 of July you should add...

    Name: American Pie
    Item: Pumpkin Pie
    Lore: We don't have cherry but here have a pumpkin pie
    Lore 2: Happy 4th of July!
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