EMC Comunity: Do we care about EMC?

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  1. Hi EMC.
    This thread it's to state a simple question, but it rounds my head since long ago (first time i camed to /wilderness actually).
    Today i decided to visit the epic amusement park at SMP3 made by Dark_Liz, Shaunwhite1982, Green_Mistery and other epic moderators with help of some players.
    Well, there is a spleef arena inside, with some nice design and everything to organize a match, right?
    Here is how it was:
    I decided to fix it a bit:
    It was not hard, and i don't want you to say "hey what a nice player, he filled that dirt for us to play" but yes instead "why didn't i fix where i had my fun?"

    Well, this is something for you guys to think of, it took me less than 2 mins fixing it and it now seems nice and clean for other players to have some fun.
    If admins agree, i'm ready to donate chests full of dirt for players who wanna fix this (make like a shop in there with my dirt selling free) just tell me we can figure this out ;)

    Thanks guys,
    Think about it.

    PD:/ Epic park you got there EMC :)
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  2. Hey what a nice player!

    I also think they should do this.
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  3. Yeah I visited there but it was weird there was gravel all over the spleef arena on the inside and it was almost impossible to work with seeing as you can't remove the gravel!
    I'm glad someone did something about it!
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  4. Btw: As we talk other players are having fun, i just get':D' when i ask if they wanna fix it when they are done...
  5. Yeah, I was there and some guy made a rule that he could destroy whenever.. Takes the bloody fun out of it..
  6. Player choice to clean up when they finish or not...
    You are supposed to bring/purchase your own supplies for the spleef games...
  7. Yeah they could have been nicer about it I mean you didn't have to offer your help!
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  8. Yeah some people >:/
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  9. Also, some guy is taking the stuff you throw for the dunk tank. If you want the name, I have it.
  10. Yeah i know, but i mean, lets just show that we really care about EMC and that we are educated people, it's like people eating on a table and then leaving the dirty dishes and all the trash in there...
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  11. Oooh Im in the Picture.. I was there saying to This person named Wildtim9 to stop recking the spleef when the game was over :eek: He continued on ._.

    [Edit] Now he attempted again and forced me to fix it. Tossing dirt at the floor while hes at a edge waiting. ._.
  12. Good attitude to have copherfield. Wish we had more players that acted like that. :)
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  13. I found it in worse condition!

    Look at this! http://imgur.com/LHKll

    I can't even fix it because I cant reach the part where I can place!

    EDIT: Using the boosting method based on lag, I was able to place some blocks! I am repairing it now!
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  14. Yeah Wildtim9 did that with a friend. After arguing with him to make him fix it. He made it worse. I would have screened him but i didnt think anybody would care..
  15. I think its because he thinks that because hes gold, he cant get in trouble
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  16. Well if somebody does it on purpose it is a really bad behaviour, I only can give disrespect to, but I think as for the thread topic, as noble as the intention were, you will never get people to do this :( It's like talking of a mum to a real spoiled child. Instead everybody has to set up his game field before he comes. But can leave it as it is at the end. So everybody has to do the same work, if wants to play and cant chicken out.
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  17. While I think setting things up ready for the next player is a great attitude, I'm thinking, whether you arrive and it needs setting up and leave it needing setting up is the same as arriving with it set up and leave it setup.

    ie. either way you have to set up the field, either before you play or after you play. If you have to set it up before you play, it's going to get done because it has too, if you set up after, it's done because you're a considerate person.

    does that make sense?
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  18. I reckon this Wildtime9 player deserves a warning or something from the mods for his behavior... maybe Dark_Liz can ban Wildtime9 from the fun park!
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  19. There is no need to argue, you won't get nothing asking bad people to do great things. Just (if you have time and resources) fix it :)
    But this doesn't apply only for this, it applies for anything and everything you can do in order for EMC to be better *cough*miningfarfromwildspawn*cough*
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  20. I think whoever did it, did it on purpose, it's hard to break every block in the whole field while playing a real game, and not destroying it after(on purpose).