EMC Chicken Problem PSA

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  1. Hey guys you may have seen me from my last post about our serious problem with one of our members, PandasEatRamen. I have come to give you another Public Service Announcement. Chickens. These little feathery buggers are everywhere. No matter where you go in town you will always see chickens and their little eggs everywhere. I have even seen these little menaces in Wellington (no I was not wearing pants)

    The EMC staff are useless with this problem and I have even seen some of them (Aikar) Spawning MORE chickens and yelling something about banning all the planes... If you agree that this is a problem that needs to be stopped please donate 500000000r to me. I will stop these chickens from taking over Empire Minecraft and return the control of it to it's rightful owners. Aliens.
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  2. I think you might want to cut down on the trolling, and also calling the staff worthless? Anything wrong with you or what?
  3. I really think that this a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Not enough is being done about this.
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  4. Like you're going to be able to do anything if we donate 50K.

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  5. No one understands a joke anymore :(
  6. I think your jokes ain't any fun. Insulting mods in a joke is a serious concern
  7. Yknow man, make a joke that doesnt involve insults to anyone ESPECIALLY the mods and just stop being such a troller
  8. Lol, mine and iSMOOCH's res get featured.
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  9. When u see a chicken, EGG IT!!!
  10. 1:What happens when the chickens are at spawn?

    2: I agree. Might as well profit if you are gonna get egged
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  11. but if you get rid of the chickens I wont have a army ):
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  12. Dee plane! Dee plane! Ban it!

    Fantasy Island will never be the same again.
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  13. I'm not going to participate in any of the immature flaming going on here. Rather, I'd like to say that I heard from a MOD HIMSELF that egging is highly discouraged and could warrant a talking-to if done repeatedly.
    But I still think we should ban all dee planes.
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  14. What we need is some sort of redstone contraption that kills chickens en masse and cooks them at the same time.
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  15. I think someone made that xD
  16. In Empire Minecraft the server trolls you.
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  17. SPY CHICKENS!! One day they will INVADE our planet!!!!!
  18. Lead it to a res
  19. I agree the chickens are a problem
  20. But they dont really jump and attack someone. Just cuz theyer everywhere doent mean their a problem