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  1. This idea just came to me, how about we have an EMC Cape. Pretty much self-explanatory. People may wear it if they want, if they dont fine, if they do fine.
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  2. Yes.......so much.....yes
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  3. This may be a good idea for something like another EMC 2012 firework, Maybe we could create a day called "EMC day" in the future and these capes would be available to be bought then.
  4. Capes are a skin feature that require a mod or if you went to minecon .
  5. Tried my hand once at making a cape. Mine failed, but then again it takes me a bit to get stuff to look good. I'm sure someone could make one. Even if they made one that was a special cape, people would still screenshot them and copy them. There are Minecon capes that people have copied.
  6. I know.
  7. It doesnt have to be limited time only.
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  9. 'Actually' couldn't the server have a plugin? - so the server graphics include visible capes - and in the mulitplayer server options have a toggleable - cape on/off
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  10. Multiplayer servers may be able to have some special plug-in that alters capes or something like that; but I don't think they can make it possible for capes to be visible for players without client side Modifications.
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  11. This would be cool if we did have an "EMC day" and we would all wear these capes for a day. But it would take some work convincing everyone to wear them.
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  12. .... i want EMC cape that you speak of !! this screams so much yes i cannot contain my happiness.
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  13. Alright, just to clear it up. The cap would be worn at any time the person wants. It does not have to cost anything. AND I did not make the cape, just an idea.