EMC Archery Range

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  1. hey guys i was thinking it would be cool to have a EMC archery range rangeing from 5-215 blocks! i think it would be cool thanks :)
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  2. I could reinstate the one in the Empire Olympic Arena if you so desire?
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  3. Great idea, Simon. Sounds cool, Spyro, and I just realized who your avatar is: Kakashi. :p
  4. actually its supposed to be Etho i need to change it and my signature
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  5. XD Well, I guess I am completely wrong. It does look a bit like Kakashi from Naruto, however.
  6. ohhh ya thats what Etho's Skin is lol xD
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  7. Simon, I've learned enough that when you decide to 'reinstate' something, I fear it.
  8. . . .

    I will now stop talking. XD
  9. This has now been rebuilt at /v emcgames
    Please note this is a pure redstone game as would be found on any player residence and is subject to breaking and bugs.
    Please be polite to other users and wait your turn calmly. You might not get a go straight away but eventually a space will free up.
    You must provide your own bow.
    Please report any issues with this to me and I will do my best to come and fix them.
    This schematic is over a year old and did not work perfectly then either.
  10. thanks for doing this :)
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  11. Oooooh sounds amazing! I know ikapela would LOVE to this (for her new school). :D
  12. Ah... I love archery. I may make an underground archery range some time in the future. When I do, come over! It's probably gonna be access for everyone! :)