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  1. For those of us that have phones it is extremely hard for us to check on mail and alerts sent to us on our phones. I use mine to monitor auctions and other forums. It wouldn't have to be fancy but it would certainly help and make it interesting.
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  2. all justin would have to do I think is copy the login thingy and then do a small inbox/alerts
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  3. Okay,We REALLY need Icecreamcow to make some kind of offical note for this in the guide or something but Ill take it again since Im proabably the one with the most info :p

    Off we go
    A Good (No offence nfell2009) Android app is under dev by me but since neither Aikar or Justin has had the time to make some API´s for it from EMC´s side,It has been impossible to dev a good app with interface to the website. Howewer,since the interessed seems to have become bigger during the last time,It might move up a bit on the priority list for the EMC dev team :) . My wish is that it will contain stuff like Rupees stats,Leaderbords and maybe even some part of the forum.

    So yes,Its under dev but dont expect it until some date far,far in the future :)

    There was some kind of Iphone app planned but it never seemd to have taken off. If anybody wants to make one,Off you go.

    Nfell2009 Made a Android/Iphone app but it wasent very good. It wasent made with Java programming/ C programming but with a simple website. Howewer,It seems to be the only real functioning one at the moment.
    I put it up on Google play to make it avalibel for more people but Google complained and I chose to take it back,Mainly becuse it only had like 10 downloads.

    So,Does that sum it up?

    Sorry for bad spelling,Im really tired after Gym :)

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  4. Yeha i did make one and it wasnt any good
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  5. I could possibly try one out using an iOS or Android simulator. I, would, however, need Aikar or Justin to give me some sort of base code to let people access accounts and check their alerts.
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  6. On Android EMC Forums works very good :) on iPad too...
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  7. Say what?

    I dont understand?
    Please explain what you mean?

    Do you wish to help and test a Future EMC app or do you wish to dev one?
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  8. Couldn't it work if instead of an app the website was viewed differently from a Mobile device (Like ton of other website like Wikipedia)
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  9. Yeah, no, you can't do that. A sentence like "You're all stupid (no offense)" is offensive, even if you say "no offense" afterwards. The phrase "no offense" is probably the most useless phrase in the world. :p

    "Your wife is uglier than Bigfoot. No offense."
    "Nobody can possibly have a crappier car than you. No offense."
    "Your family is obnoxious. No offense."

    There's only a few situations where it's valid, but that's when what you're saying isn't really offensive to begin with. "No offense, but I just don't like parties, so I won't be coming."
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  10. If you have an iphone/ipad/ipod touch just go to the webpage in safari and put it on your home screen.
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  11. Offense taken, so Im stupid for getting a phone that is simple and fits my needs?
    I don't need a mini super computer, I find apple to be much simpler than other devices.
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  12. That is how to have a shortcut to the EMC website. The OP was asking for a mobile application that is easier to use than the full EMC website.

    Is stupid referring to iPhone owners or iPhones? If you are calling iPhone owners stupid, that is an insulting generalization. If you are calling iPhones stupid, that is your opinion and I respect but do not agree with it.
  13. Let's not start another fanboy war here.
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  14. Both auctully :p,but since It has caused too much problems,I have removed it

    howewer,I do find it stupid if you buy an iPhone,Not because its a bad phone,Its really awesome, but more because apple has really bad dev rules....

    And Alexachrod,If there are a couple of offcial,global rules on how to use "no offence", Il be happy to read and follow them.otherwise its really up to the person who uses it :p
  15. It's not a rule, it's just the way I think about the phrase. I'm not saying there's necessarily anything wrong with offending people, by the way, but I think if you're going to do it, you should stand for what you've done instead of trying to wriggle out of it with the silly "no offense" statement. (Though I find it somewhat ironic that I have to censor Stephen Fry's message in the following image to stay within EMC's rules, because it goes contrary to the very message the quote is trying to convey. :p)

    I also think iPhones are crap, and that people who buy them are being misled by Apple's fanciness and irrational fan-base. :p
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